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“Black Lives Make any difference Was The Stupidest Identify!” White Rapper Tom McDonald Goes Viral With Controversial Tune ‘Fake Woke’


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Thoroughly tattooed up…with braids! Meet up with the new rapper Tom McDonald heading currently ranking #2 and #3 on the itunes charts of currently appropriate beneath Cardi B’s newest tune ‘UP’ ranking #1.

Tom McDonald
Tom McDonald Goes Viral By using Unbiased Streams

Thomas MacDonald, recognized skillfully as Tom MacDonald, is an independent Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, YouTuber, social media temperament, and previous impartial experienced wrestler. But is he also a racist?

The Good Divide

Ironically his position demonstrates the excellent divide as Cardi B is a targetted name in his track ‘Fake Woke’ which was released final 7 days and is position #2. http://Click here to Check out Cardi B’s Up.

Cardi B’s UP ranks #1 on Itunes

But why a great divide? On just one aspect you have Cardi B’s ‘UP’ ranking #1 with lesbian incentives and half naked ladies and jibberish lyrics. And ideal below you have a written content indepth song discriminating Cardi B for her influence on minor women.

Is This Black Vs White?

To the extremely faint mind, it could possibly seem like a excellent divide concerning black and white, to the relaxed intellect, it may possibly appear to be as a divide amongst still left (America’s democrat views) and proper (America’s conservative sights).

But when one takes a closer pay attention to Tom McDonald’s music ‘Fake Woke’ it looks the divide is involving the working day-to-working day citizen verses the pop society that has been made and drive-fed to individuals. Below the tune beneath.


American Pop Culture On Steriods

In today’s globe, pop tradition looks like the foodstuff in which the cook learnt what persons like but ended up adding a bit way too considerably of the substances to the point the men and women really do not like it but the prepare dinner is forcing them to eat.

Who Is Complaining About The Method Now?

Tom McDonald, like most socially or politically charged rappers, targets ‘The System’. The method of which the moment upon a time black men and women all around the planet fiercely clashed with and rapped versus.

Certainly, that would be the very same ‘The System’ lots of American conservatives once claimed was an justification for the African Us citizens to embrace their limits. That ‘The System’ is now really a typical enemy and cares not about race.

In the wake of terminate culture, the recent protest at America’s Capitol Hill, the Donald Trump controversy and much more, the average European, or white American to be precise, are now mastering that they to can be victims of ‘The System’ towards their personal curiosity.

Tom McDonald Can take A Stand

Unlike most white rappers, Tom McDonald is not worried to touch on racial issues, and really unapologetic about his ‘Whiteness’.

In his song ‘Fake Woke’ the rapper took to the mic to condition ‘Black Lives Issue was the stupidest title, when the system is screwing anyone the same’. His upfront expression has lots of labelling him as a racist.

Having said that, there is no telling if that numerous are coming from the African People in america as a group or if it is a protect of the mainstream cancel culture by ‘The System’ to terminate him. All of which are challenges tackled in his new tune ‘Cancelled’.

Black Superstars Dread Cancel Tradition

During Trump’s period, we saw 50 Cent’s compliment Trump on his tax returns, and then he withdrew his statements.

We saw Ice Dice increase issues about his ‘Contract With Black America’, commend the Trump group for their swift reply, and while he didn’t shy away from his intent he caved to the pressure to deny fascination in supporting Trump.

We saw Steve Harvey make attempts to talk to and program with Trump and then he withdrew from it as he was attacked.

Snoop Compliments Trump

We saw Trump Pardon a colleague of Snoop Dogg immediately after which Snoop Dogg complimented Trump’s time period in office environment, however releasing a video the place he had a gun to the previous American president’s head.

We noticed Keris Hilson denounce Michelle Obama’s call to censor Trump, and owning to explain herself by stating she hates Trump.

Tom McDonald Could not Get Cancelled

Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Lil Pump (not sure what he is) are the only rappers that stood by their assistance despite terminate tradition.

All these actions suggest that significantly of the Black Individuals feared the ‘Cancel Culture’. And with that in head, it pretty pitiful that the epitome of the political braveness of today’s earth is coming from…..a white rapper…..from Canada.

Compared with most of the Over, Tom is not signed to report labels but doing the job by independent channels and it will be tough for him to be cancelled as a result his capability to be outspoken.

In Evaluate

All in all, audio-wise…Not excited about the rock, pop, hip hop mix. Having said that, his lyrics do pack a punch and come at exciting moments.

But in real examination, from what has been heard so considerably (not like what background could pop up, or what he may do in the upcoming) it is secure to say this rapper may possibly be outspoken, but definitely not a racist.

And now may possibly be a excellent time for anti-‘The System’ rappers (and non-rappers) of all colors to uncover typical grounds and do the job alongside one another for their prevalent social plans.

And if the hip hop rock operates for you. Enjoy his new track beneath, cancelled!


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