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Pappy Kojo’s admission of getting gay will not impact Ghana’s songs industry – Kweku Flick insists


Audio of Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Source: My News GH


Rapper Pappy KojoRapper Pappy Kojo

Breakthrough Hip-Hop musician, Kweku Flick born Andy Osei Sarfo says that the open up admission and declaration by his fellow Ghanaian artiste Pappy Kojo will not in any way affect the songs market negatively as perceived.

“Not at all… it won’t impact the Ghana tunes business negatively if some artistes are admitting to currently being gay or lesbian. The truth of the matter of the make a difference is that the market is strolling someplace and the artistes are also charting various paths independently.”

Speaking with Amansan Krakye on the Kastle Enjoyment Show monitored by MyNewsGh.com, Kweku Flick who was digesting Pappy Kojo’s gay challenge, proverbially likened the Ghana new music sector to a forest and claims there are specific lifestyles, and choices.

“If you’ve researched the Ghanaian tunes industry pretty effectively, it can be in contrast to a forest. When you’re standing afar, you’d see the trees intently hooked up to every other but when you get nearer, you’d basically see that each tree is standing independently.

“So if a person has brazenly declared and admitted to remaining homosexual on national tv, it won’t negatively influence any artiste in the Ghana tunes business. When you get closer to that artiste, he’s standing by yourself just like I’m also on my individual. But if you’re guiding the scenes, you’d mistakenly assume that we’re united. That is how it is so our prayer is that our music occupation will development so that everybody will be happy irrespective of the simple fact that you are a homosexual or not”, he explained.

Concluding his submission on LGBTQIA on the present, he remarked that “As for me Kweku Flick, my tunes is supposed to convey laughter and smiles into the faces of men and women that is my quota.”

Ghanaian artiste, Jason Gaisie known in the showbiz marketplace as Pappy Kojo recently opened up on his sexual orientation. The rapper in an interview with Television3 revealed that he is homosexual and has a preference for a particular course of men.


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