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I took highlife tunes to Nigeria – Abrekyire Ba Kofi Sammy


Songs of Sunday, 7 March 2021

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Highlife legend  Abrekyire Ba Kofi SammyHighlife legend Abrekyire Ba Kofi Sammy

Highlife legend and founder of the popular Okukuseku International Band Abrekyire Ba Kofi Sammy has vehemently refuted claims that the style originated from Nigeria.

He insisted that he transported the Ghanaian style to Nigeria to make it a staple of that country’s audio marketplace.

The virtuoso Highlife veteran, who is now 81 several years outdated, recounted his musical ordeals and journey to Tv3 on Saturday, March 6, as section of attempts to celebrate Ghana’s 64 decades of independence and the journey of illustrious Ghanaian achievers about the entire world.

The ‘Yellow Sisi’ hitmaker begun off by saying that he inherited his musical prowess from his family members of musicians and was mentored by the ace highlife musician Dr. K. Gyasi, participating in guitar in his Noble Kings Band right until he perfected his craft to variety his have band identified as the Okukuseku Intercontinental Band of Ghana in 1969.

Abrekyire Ba intimated that he was impressed to compose his quite a few highlife classics through goals and reward from his illustrious line of fantastic musicians from Koforidua, Asokore, in the Japanese Location of Ghana, building the style global by currently being the initially to export it to Nigeria in the early 1980s.

“Kakaaku, Onyina, Dr. K. Gyasi and other individuals taught us Highlife and I took it from in this article to Nigeria and operate it rapid. I took Ampofo Agyei to Nigeria, I took Dr. K. Gyasi to Nigeria, City Boys, Ampadu, Iron Boy(Amakye Dede), they read I was in Nigeria and I succeeded there so they also required to go see Nigeria.

“They came and I welcomed them and gave them bodyguards and a place to perform,” he stated in regular Nigerian accent.

The ‘Suffer suffer’ hitmaker also mentioned that he recorded a great deal of albums in Nigeria which the individuals beloved so a great deal and danced to wherever he performed in that state.

“They beloved my music, ‘Every day, every single day go through suffer’. I did so quite a few songs there, ‘Yellow sisi dey for corner, set im hand for jaw, wetin dey result in am oo, income palaver! I make a large amount of cash since they like my songs.”

‘The Black Beauty’, as he was fondly referred to, additional mentioned that his music rubbed shoulders with Nigerian legends like the late Fela Anikulakpo Kuti, to the extent that the latter became close friends with him and thus influencing him with the Highlife style.

“When Fela heard that I was in Nigeria, we performed collectively. He performed on Friday, I played on Sunday. I enhanced the gate expenses, that is why they referred to me as Ame Main. They took two(2) Naira, 3(3) Naira, I took five(5) Naira and men and women arrived in whole that when you contact the wall, the wall will be perspiring. I went there and carried out and stayed there with my Highlife, and shook them with my songs,” he posited.

Abrekyire Ba, the virtuoso Highlife legend, has about 20 albums to his title, most of such masterpieces recorded in Nigeria, endearing himself to the persons so significantly that they titled him as Chief Omekaine I, Amesese Kofi Yesu aka Abirekyireba Kofi Sammy, the Black Natural beauty.

He at the moment resides in his hometown in Koforidua, Asokore, in the Japanese Location of Ghana.

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