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Barima Sarpong Kumankuma: You are entirely incorrect about the “Bawumia-effect”


My brother Obosu Mohammed,

I was delighted to get a crack from my Professional Legislation assignment to read through a piece of write-up below your hand as my colleague and junior brother entitled “DR. MAHAMUDU BAWUMIA EMBODIES OUR Greatest SHOT IN 2024 (I)”.

My instant rhetorical problem was what could be the attainable motives for this bold headline.

I made a decision to read to the conclusion in lookup of your factors.

Certainly, the composing abilities, without question, have traces of your exclusive journalistic DNA, but the pounds of your situation, as argued in favour of your most well-liked applicant, as very well as the factors assigned thereof, are just a reflection of your well-known expression “MONUMENTAL FAILURE”.

Ordinarily, I would have created this move, but I am inclined to be candid with the specifics and not to toss dust into the eyes of the studying general public.

His Excellency the Vice President of Ghana and a fourth-time Vice Presidential Prospect of our celebration, the New Patriotic Bash, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has received my admiration and respect like quite a few other users of the bash.

I, as a result, owe it a duty to meticulously shape this conversation for functions of intellectual benefit devoid of touching on his respected impression and that of our party and authorities which we resolve everyday to project and secure.

I am agency in my brain that at the finish of this balanced discussion you will realize the gaps and inaccuracies on your component, which if corrected would set the information straight for the standard great of our bash. I really don’t intend to bore you with plenty words.

At the coronary heart of your argument is what you expression as: “The Bawumia Influence – Electoral Record-Personality” projecting our Vice-President’s contribution to NPP’s electoral efficiency notably in the Northern area (as it then was).

You also make a specific reference to Dr. Bawumia’s contribution to our party’s effectiveness in the 2008 basic elections and for this, you situate him as our greatest shot in 2024.

I will to start with interrogate the latter but, ahead of then allow me put it on file that denying Dr. Bawumia’s contribution to NPP will not provide any purpose. It is similarly untrue and self-serving to say that his contribution makes him our most effective shot.

In my honest check out, our party’s general performance in the 2008 normal elections is a person lots of wouldn’t want to keep in mind, as it was truly distressing. We experienced completed anything as a federal government (party) to acquire that election.

Heading into that 2008 election, we had supplied Ghanaians with unparalleled and massive social interventions, namely a considerably more cost-effective Metro Mass Transport method, Totally free Maternal Care, the 1st-at any time National Overall health Insurance policies scheme, Livelihood Empowerment Towards Poverty (LEAP) for the inadequate and indigent in society, School Feeding programme and a host of other programmes that immediately benefited the folks.

Even with all these, we could not make the 50% + 1.

If we have been to be happy of our 49% effectiveness as you set it, the elements responsible for that would have been the higher than social interventions. If you are unsuccessful to attribute it to the Kufuor-effect or the Aliu Mahama-impact or the Nana Addo-impact then you are considerably from undertaking honest evaluation by attributing it to only the “Bawumia-effect”.

In truth several get together faithful would remember how the late former Vice-President Aliu, pretty much pitched camp in the then Northern region for the duration of the electioneering period of time. He labored to the admiration of all properly-which means social gathering individuals. Could his mild soul keep on to relaxation peacefully.

In spite of these interventions, the party dropped the 2008 elections.

An election, you are on history, in 2014, to have explained as a “monumental failure”.

My concern to you is, “who was liable for that monumental failure? Isn’t it a mark of inconsistency on your portion to explain anything as a ‘monumental failure’ and turn spherical to offer the same issue to a person as a prize for very good efficiency?

When it is about Nana Akufo-Addo, it is a ‘monumental failure’ but, when it is about Dr. Bawumia (your favored applicant), it is a ‘monumental achievements, and this need to be the rationale for his collection as the party’s flag-bearer for 2024, intriguing, is not it?

Yet again, you consciously elected to rewrite the historical past of the New Patriotic Party’s electoral development in the Northern location (as it then was) by commencing from the middle.

The undisputed electoral information due to the fact 1992 give you out wholly.

In the 1992 standard election, NPP attained the next figures in the then 10 areas of Ghana, Western Area 22.8%, Gt. Accra 37%, Central 26%, Volta 3.6%, Ashanti 60.5%, Jap 37.7%, Northern Region 16.3%, Higher East 10.5%, Upper West 8.9% and BrongAhafo 29.5%.

My place is uncomplicated.

If you want to be good with the statistics, you would be aware that as a social gathering, we have collectively progressively elevated our electoral fortunes in all locations of Ghana together with the Northern region (as it then was.

Singling out the Vice President as responsible for this performance and suggesting that this accomplishment commenced from 2008 when our Veep joined the social gathering is not only a case of intellectual dishonesty, it also quantities to an unfair betrayal of the initiatives built by noteworthy celebration personalities like Hon. Rolland IssifuAlhassan, H.E Aliu Mahama, Hon.Hawa Yakubu, (all of blessed memory) and a host of gallant guys and females alive or otherwise who fought by means of brutalities right up until electric power was received.

The stats as presented by you is insincere and an exaggerated try to forged a slur on the tricky perform of the revered valiant males and women from the Northern area.

From 16.3% in 1992 the party’s increasing efficiency catapulted to about 36% in 2004.

A whopping 120% increment from the 1992 functionality. This commendable multiplier influence is what must be celebrated. 120% advancement!

I doff my hat to H. E the late Vice President Aliu Mahama and all for this fete.

However, heading by your skewed stats, the exact same cannot be claimed about the era of Dr. Bawumia as functioning mate / Vice President.

From 2008 to 2020, the celebration has recorded a meager 21% advancement. In the Northern area (as it then was), the celebration recorded 38% in 2008 and 46% in 2020.

Your attempted work out also has an inherent element of harmful tribal politics that can threaten our incredibly survival as a political occasion.

The basic fact is that you are indirectly inviting other noteworthy folks in the relaxation of the areas wherever we have built similar electoral development to increase it as a foundation to demand flag bearer-ship placement and you can not blame them if they react in like way.

Just after all, if a man’s contribution from 2008 helps make him our ideal shot for 2024, then their equal contribution if-not-greater from 1992 should qualify them as the ideal of the finest pictures for 2024.

Kindly just take household this very important tips and be sure to never lose it that for NPP to win the 2024 election we need a applicant of national strength and acceptance as opposed to a person of regional or tribal enchantment.

At this position, I would like to centre the discussion on the “Bawumia-effect” and no matter if or not it has a vivid efficiency if any, at all.

Initial of all, there is no empirical evidence of the “Bawumia-effect”, be that as it may well, it ought to be subjected to a uncomplicated take a look at of the wisdom of aged, “charity starts at home”.

To this extent, the “Bawumia-effect” will have to be convincingly demonstrable from his household constituencies. Just after consecutive 16 a long time of remaining available the gracious possibility to the superior workplace of running mate and then Vice President, the party’s efficiency where Dr. Bawumia traces his roots has witnessed a decline in its overall performance.

His Factor appears to give a real which means to primary algebraic factorization, which is cutting down a mathematical expression. The simple fact is our functionality has constantly reduced in his dwelling constituencies of Walewale and Nalerigu-Gambaga.

In fact in Nalerigu-Gambaga constituency the party’s performance about the time period has drastically lowered from 52% in 2016 to 47% in 2020. This poor overall performance contributed immensely to the occasion losing the Nalerigu-Gambaga seat to the NDC.

Can we attribute this abysmal performance to Dr. Bawumia as very well? If the “Bawumia-effect” failed to maintain the Nalerigu-Gambaga constituency for NPP, then the extrapolation that it gained us the NPP parliamentary seats in the location is terribly erroneous.

In the Walewale township where our revered Vice – President votes, out of the 35 polling stations the NPP won only 4 in the 2020 normal elections.

Clearly, the “Bawumia-effect” unsuccessful us clearly. No surprise our performance shrank from 55% in 2016 to 53% in 2020. Need to he bear the brunt for this as well?

My brother, Obosu Mohammed, you have skillfully operate absent from our party’s effectiveness in the Higher West and Higher East locations for evident motives but, I beg to draw you closer to the pertinent and unavoidable issue.

Our party in the 2020 elections did not carry out creditably in Higher West and Higher East regions, question is if there is without a doubt the “Bawumia-effect” and any affiliated potency, why did we fall short in these two areas in the north?

Are we not proper to question for a sensation of the supposed “Bawumia-effect” miracles in the entire of the northern areas of Ghana? An goal discourse in this regard would serve us improved than your penchant of choose and decide on.

As I pointed out earlier, I believe that by now you are in NO Question that your presumption that “DR. MAHAMUDU BAWUMIA EMBODIES OUR Finest SHOT IN 2024” solely due to the fact of his general performance in some parts of the Northern area is very rebuttable and the good reasons provided thereof are abysmally untenable.

Bro, this is just to guideline your subsequent episode so you can craft your information correctly in providing your chosen applicant. It may be beneficial to us all, who is aware tomorrow?

I continue to be,

Barima Sarpong Kumankuma
Merchandise of Dawu L/A JHS
Jamasi, Ashanti.

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