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The Smoothie That Gives Jennifer Lopez Crazy Amounts Of Energy


Jennifer Lopez, a Bronx-born singer, made an unannounced visit to her hometown a few years ago. She opened a center with the intention of helping young children lead a healthy life. Montefiore Health System and her family joined hands with her to ensure that the project was successful. Apart from donating a whopping $250,000 to the center, JLO also revealed her energy-boosting favorite drink. She confirmed that her twin babies inspired her into making the smoothie. And since she knows that a lot of people consume unhealthy stuff that barely provides them with adequate energy, she decided to share her delightful smoothie that tastes great even for her toddlers.


The ingredients to this amazing smoothie include the following:

  • One frozen banana
  • One handful of spinach
  • Two scoops of sunflower butter
  • One scoop of protein powder
  • One cup of rice milk



Jenifer Lopez day to day life requires crazy amounts of energy. This explains why she came up with a healthy smoothie that is full of proteins, fiber, and vitamins, making it a great pre-workout and recovery drink. Inside her gym room, she uses stability balls for enhanced arms and abs. She also engages in a platypus walk to sculpt her butt.


When considering her full body, she practices a thirty-two-minute continuous workout, which includes the use of gliders, medicine balls, dumbbells, and resistance bands.  It, therefore, follows that she requires a lot of energy to achieve a carved body. She wouldn’t be able to endure through the strenuous sessions if not for her rich source of energy. Therefore, if you want to be like Jennifer Lopez, get yourself a blender machine to drink nutritious drinks every morning and the following energy-boosting ingredients.

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Bananas boast a healthy combination of natural sugar, carbohydrates, amino acids as well as brain boosting minerals that are beneficial for people who are anticipating a workout. One banana contains 1.5g of protein and 3.5 g of fiber. By including one in her smoothie every morning, Jennifer Lopez is assured of staying full and warding off hunger for prolonged periods. The banana stays in her stomach longer than refined carbohydrates. Also, the protein present in the banana gives her 12mg of tyrosine, an amino acid that triggers her brain to produce norepinephrine. This, in turn, improves her brains’ functionality, increasing her level of alertness, focus, and motivation.



This veggie might appear like an ordinary bunch of leave, but it’s a critical ingredient in improving your health and keeping you energetic, thanks to its high fiber and vitamin K content. While fiber doesn’t directly increase your energy levels, it goes a long way in reducing fatigue triggers, which are otherwise caused by the imbalance in blood sugars. Fiber is responsible for slowing down the amount of sugar absorbed directly into the bloodstream, which helps with maintaining high energy supply for long. Vitamin K denotes a group of fat-soluble nutrients that play a huge role in bone metabolism. JLO stands to benefit significantly from her smoothie as her bone health is facilitated by this particular vitamin sourced from spinach.


Sunflower Butter


Sunflower butter is obtained by blending sunflower seeds. One tablespoon of this natural butter contains 9 grams of unsaturated fat.  It also contains magnesium that not only supports the production of RNA and DNA but also facilitates numerous metabolic processes including production of sufficient energy. Additionally, magnesium helps to conduct electrical charges, which helps an exercising person with enhanced stimulation of muscle contractions and nerve impulses.  When combined with calcium, magnesium can bring about a relaxed heart rhythm thus pumping blood to all parts of the body with ease. This is important because blood transports oxygen and other important substances required during a workout.

Protein Powder


Protein powder denotes a nutritional supplement that not only helps in making hormones and enzymes but also building muscles. The same protein is the secret behind Jennifer Lopez’s commendable weight. This is because consuming protein ridden foods helps her stay full for longer. Therefore, she takes smaller portions of food during the day and doesn’t need to snack on junk foods. Also, protein powder comes in handy in aiding muscle repair and recovery, which is important for any bodybuilder or athlete. In the absence of carbohydrates and fats, proteins will fill in as an excellent source of energy.


Rice Milk


Rice milk denotes a product that’s prepared using boiled rice syrup and brown rice starch. It contains zero animal products, which makes it an excellent option for both vegetarians and weight watchers.  Rice milk doesn’t have any traces of lactose, making it easier for it to be digested and hence providing instant energy.


Jennifer Lopez lives a busy life. Cameras follow her everywhere, not just for her accomplishments as a musician like releasing hit songs like ‘Booty,’ but also because of her attractive body. The woman who is seemingly aging backward requires massive energy to support her body posture and vigorous dancing routines. In the morning, she seeks energy from her homemade green smoothie before embarking on her energy demanding workout session.  The next time you require to fuel your body the healthy way before working out or going to work, grab that blender and drink your way to greatness.

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