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Kwasi Korang: NPP management need to be daring and prevent the Bawumia camp from campaigning


The management of the New Patriotic Occasion (NPP), need to be bold and decisive and acquire the required steps to assure that the Bawumia camp stops its untimely, tribal and violent campaign scarcely 4 months into the President’s 2nd phrase mandate.

The management of the celebration has termed for an finish to early campaign in direction of the impending NPP Flagbearership place in 2023.

The normal secretary of the bash, John Boadu has appear out to condition that the President has served Ministers with letters, stating that he will not wait to sack people campaigning for Flagbearership slots.

It is in the gentle of these daring methods from the President and Common Secretary, that I call on the bash leadership to occur out and boldly condemn these different teams parading on the streets of Ghana in the title of Dr. Bawumia.

Has the bash not noticed video clips of Bawumia group associates carrying guns?
Has the Bawumia camp now swtiched from tribal politics to politics of intimidation and violence?

Has the NPP management not noticed video clips in which a different group sporting Bawumia T-shirts has paid out a take a look at to the Chief Imam?

These series of actions, obviously validate that Bawumia teams have thrown warning to the wind and are heading versus any instructions and directives from the management of the party. They are now instantly calling the bluff of the NPP occasion management.

Plainly, this is an unlucky and unfortunate episode of a reckless, detrimental untimely campaign to divide and wipe out the celebration and distract the agenda of His Excellency the President.

There’s a myriad of proof, from the social media of supporters wearing Bawumia branded T-shirts openly partaking on the streets folks and teams in Kumasi and Accra in the identify of Dr. Bawumia.

Can Bawumia and his group that works with him at Flagstaff Property the seat of Government, boldly say once again that they are not conscious of this advancement?

In the abundance of these obvious evidence of open up disregard for the party’s directives, the silence of the bash leadership is a excellent induce of worry and stress.

Business and truthful leadership is what the Countrywide Executives of the bash have to show, if they are to preserve the unity of the rank and file of the celebration, which is the most significant Component the get together requires to get in 2024.

With out this decisive management, there is a apparent manifestation of the fact that procedures and rules are utilized with panic or favour.

There is also a enormous tendency that other teams could possibly not consider the management of the party significantly when they come out to give directives.

This will lead to downward spiral where each individual team will be emboldened to hit the streets and campaign for their preferred Flagbearer hopeful.

Can you envision this kind of a scenario going on and the resultant result it will have on the agenda of the President and impression of the ruling celebration?

This pattern and attitude of “See no evil, hear no evil and converse no evil”, is a recipe for disaster for the get together.

This is due to the fact, no individual or team that favour another probable applicant will sit unconcerned and view the principles unfairly applied to its drawback.

The NPP has regulations and regulations enshrined in its constitution, but the latest tendencies and patterns by the uncontrolled Bawumia teams appears to mail a concept that there is selective application of the legislation of the get together by individuals in demand.

The social gathering management, shouldn’t be perceived to overlook the unfavorable and damaging actions of one particular Flagbearership hopeful in opposition to the other.

They need to have as a make any difference of urgency to stamp their authority on these adverse happenings from the Bawumia camp.

The “blind eye” solution, the bash has adopted with regard to the early campaign by the Bawumia teams to be distinct is a circumstance of a tsunami underneath the sea that can erupt at any time and wipe away all the excellent the leadership of the party has chalked.

The simply call for the leadership of the social gathering to consider the required actions is in purchase, for sanity and peace to prevail in the social gathering.

The social gathering has a golden chance to remedy this perception that it’s actively playing “soft ball” toward 1 distinct applicant as towards the other.

The time to ensure a amount enjoying field for all prospective Flagbearership hopefuls is now.
This is the time for motion to make faith in the program and structures of the celebration and leadership is been urged to seize the initiative and to take the bull by the horns and create regulation and buy.

The writer, Kwasi Korang is a member of the New Patriotic Get together.

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