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Satisfy the midwife driving a ‘Wooden Doorway Ambulance’ to save lives


Many persons, such as health and fitness officials, have praised a 33-12 months-old midwife for her selflessness and dedication in conserving the life of expecting girls and their unborn toddlers in a tricky-to-reach group in the Ashanti area.

Without having access to an ambulance, Delali Gavor of the area Motokrodua Community Health Organizing and Companies (CHPS) Compound has improvised the use of picket doorways to transportation expectant moms to the wellbeing facility for deliveries.

I  travelled to the Motokrodua community to follow  up on the exploits of this extraordinary midwife who is utilizing this straightforward device to conserve lives.

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Motokurodua Local community

Motokrodua is a little farming local community observed for its cocoa output in the Sekyere East District of the Ashanti Region. It is a single of the challenging-to-reach regions in the district with hundreds of hamlets scattered in the thickets of a forest.

Many of the settler farmers  here absence portable consuming h2o. They are plagued with several water-borne relevant illnesses and other wellbeing circumstances.

The region is endemic for Neglected Tropical Illnesses this sort of as Buruli Ulcer, Leprosy, Yaws and Elephantiasis, amongst many others.

District Director of Wellness for Sekyere East, Justice Ofori-Amoah claims achieving settler farmers in the   Motokrodua enclave  with health care is a complicated process.

“We have a whole lot of hard to access regions, communities in the district. When you get to Motokrodua,  it’s a forest hence we have a good deal of these neighborhood users who dwell in the forest in the hamlets. So you get to Local community A, you will get about two or 3 persons. You transfer to the subsequent so having them is not all that very simple,” he stated.

A lot of citizens, living under poverty levels listed here, are not able to afford to pay for healthcare services and favor property solutions.

Expecting ladies frequently endure in the vicinity of-dying complications as they fail to show up at antenatal clinics.

Motokurodua CHPS Compound www.myjoyonline.com
The Sekyere East Assembly constructed this facility but handful of inhabitants entry it

Some are shipped on their farms and others are transported to the Motokrodua CHPS Compound for notice by the only midwife below, Delali Gavor, and her group.

Some of the cases we always attend to are snake bites, Scorpion stings, Malaria, diarrhoea, pores and skin bacterial infections this sort of as Scabies, Buruli Ulcer, Elephantiasis,” suggests Rosemary Delali Gavor, the nurse in charge of the nearby CHPS Compound.

Delali Gavor www.myjoyonline.com
Delali Gavor busily attends to a consumer

According to her, people who are unable to pay for health care  live in communities extensively separated from the facility.

“We have communities this kind of as Tetekaso, New Apaso, Ampaedwa, Addokrom, Dadease and the length is far from wherever they are to the facility. What we commonly do is we do home viewing,  get to the group we attend to some of them. The really serious types, we carry them to the facility to go to to them. Most of them never have Health Insurance policy,” she explained.

Delali and her staff had been occupied attending to clientele when I caught up with her.

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Delali Gavor, supported by 3 adult males about carrying an expectant mother

Missing obtain to motorable roads, ambulance or other implies of transportation for vital referral situations, Ms Gavor has improvised and resorted to the use of wood doors to transportation her clients.

I went to the local community with this man and this woman was so weak and was lying down,” she claimed.

She described some grievances to me that she was sensation lessen belly pains and dizziness. That’s why she was not able to stroll.

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Delali examining a expecting girl in labour

Just after the assessment, I recognized that she is possessing a superior BP.  Then when I listened to the foetal coronary heart level, it was really very low.

I did one more assessment  and understood the h2o that the foetus was lying in was very eco-friendly so it gave me a signal that this female requires notice other than that, we can shed this little one.”

The assumed of getting rid of the female and her unborn kid brought the improvements in Ms. Delali.

“At that stage in time, I was thinking about the existence of the mother and the infant. I just needed to help save both equally lives,”  she reported.

Delali Gavor www.myjoyonline.com
This is how the ‘Wooden ambulance’ began

Two wood slabs are joined with nails at the two ends of the door to guidance head pads.

Patients lie in a supine placement on the door and are carried on the head with the support of three gentlemen.

This ingenuity has aided preserve lots of expectant moms and their unborn infants.

“We all assumed of getting a way. There’s no car or truck, bike no indicates of transport. The strategy that came into my thoughts is that,  why really do not we make a wood composition so that we can convey this girl to the facility? The spouse and children agreed. We did the wooden construction, we carried her until we acquired to the street aspect,” she claimed.

Delali Gvor www.myjoyonline.com
Zeeliya Yahaya was 1st to advantage from the ‘Miracle Wood Ambulance’

Zeeliya Yahaya, 20, who lives in 1 of the scattered hamlets near Tetekaso is amongst expectant mothers saved by the improvised picket door ambulance.

She experienced declined seeing an untrained standard beginning attendant in a nearby hamlet until Delali arrived.

Thanks to the ingenuity of Delali, she properly shipped a bouncing newborn female.

I was in labour on a person Sunday morning so I knowledgeable my mom who termed in a regular start attendant. I declined the support of the lady and insisted they mail me to Motokorodua Clinic. I was afraid for my lifetime and that of the infant. They afterwards brought  Madam Dela,” she explained.

She ongoing, “Since receiving a auto to this spot was difficult, she recommended they place me on a wooden door. First, she requested for slabs to be joined to the doorway so they carry me on the head. They will place me down on the cocoa farm, rest and continue again. Madam Dela, Elder Forkuo, Tido and my father have been the kinds who carried me on the head a number of kilometres to the clinic”.

Zeeliya Yahaya www.myjoyonline.com
Zeeliya and the doorway

The wooden ambulance has due to the fact saved lots of pregnant gals and their unborn youngsters, with the area recording zero maternal fatalities.

As a follow, Delali has been viewing Zeeliya and her baby for counselling on publish-natal health. But for Zeeliya, the wooden door has become aspect of her life-saving tale.

She gazes at it virtually just about every working day, reminiscing.

Sekyere East District GHS www.myjoyonline.com
Mr. Ofori-Amoah (2nd left) is joined by other officers from the district well being directorate

Sekyere East District Overall health Director, Justice Ofori-Amoah and his staff, who visited the area, want the wood ambulance preserved.

I’m starting to be emotional,” he reported upon touching the doorway. Looking at the doorway and what a door is made of and what it is intended for and ultimately it has been utilized as some thing improvising to help you save a life of a woman who was in labour and saving the unborn foetus. I see this doorway to be symbolic and it should really be served or be applied as a vacationer web site or attraction.”

Delali Gavor www.myjoyonline.com
Delali Gavor on one particular of her plan submit-natal visits to Zeeliya

This is not the only superior act of Delali.

She solitary-handedly led the generation of hospital beds to enhance the ones presented by the district assembly and also mobilized the community to fund the buy of solar panels for the facility.

She has given that turn out to be the toast of lots of, especially among her peers.

Delali was voted the Very best nurse/midwife for Sekyere East District in 2019 and was lately picked by the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives to contend for the Finest Nurse for 2019.

District Public Health and fitness Nurse, Mrs. Juliana Adu Mensah claims Delali has designed the district very pleased by  raising  the bar of nursing in the district.

” We know Dela to be a human being who is hardworking so we were being not stunned of her initiative  as perfectly.

She has manufactured the district proud and we the district we acknowledge that. We did that when we designed her the finest nurse. That was in 2019. So we are also proud of her.”

Sekyere East district GHS www.myjoyonline.com
GHS staff in Sekyere East fortunately produce health care solutions even with issues

The situation at Motokrodua is a reflection of the troubles faced by well being workers in the Sekyere East district in their quest to bring health care to the people today.

The District Health Director has acknowledged the support of the Sekyere East District Assembly.

Justice Ofori-Amoah having said that wants general public assist in the provision of protection boots, water tanks, among the many others for Delali and her team.

“Where they rest, some even share the wards with the customers. Even if you have dollars listed here, you can not even go and employ any accommodation. The accommodation is not there,” he said.

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