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Yaw Sarpong-Kumankuma: Why stress when solutions abound?


On April 20, 2021, a pal forwarded a concept that was circulating on WhatsApp Messenger to me. It browse as composed under

“This marks the beginning of the stop of our cocoa field. Some few months back, a close friend who studied in China advised me about their cocoa enhancement system and the large cocoa farms they are placing up employing the greenhouse technological know-how. They have projected that by 2030, they would adequately meet their cocoa intake requires internally.

This suggests, they would not import from Africa any longer.

Occur to believe of it oo…, With the assistance of our own people, they have invaded our cocoa increasing zones to irreversibly destroy our farms and contaminating our lands and h2o bodies in the title of mining.

They then change about to brand our cocoa beans as cyanide contaminated in buy to reject it. By that, other partners in Europe would also reject our cocoa beans in buy to at some point dominate the marketplace.

It’s unfortunate that we are compromising the capability of long run generations to endure in this place. Nevertheless we glimpse on”.

and listed here was my response…

“By the way I am not alarmed. Neither must you. The writer is the normal Ghanaian and/or African that is ready to only see problems but never ever obtain means to fix them. They elevate alarms and depart without having spelling out a system to clear up the trouble. They will then go and sit on the fence and blame “Government” forgetting their civic legal rights as citizens in a so-known as democratic nation. 3no ne y3n nn3! 😂

Greenhouse technology has been in existence considering that 1800. It was invented by a French botanist. Just after that, other technological innovation-driven approaches of farming like aquaponics have been identified. Was it able to sweep away normal farming? Even in fish farming, was pond farming and aquaponics able to end the fishermen from heading to the sea?

The remedy is NO

Deliver from greenhouses and other technological know-how-encouraged strategies of farming are not most well-liked to ones that occur from organic resources. As the days go by, men and women are heading in for much more healthier meals selections since they want to extend their lives.

Greenhouse farming unfortunately does not give the environment that luxurious. Crops are grown in just sheltered constructions included by a clear, or partially clear material. That way, plants do not get sufficient purely natural mild (sunlight) to assist photosynthesis, etcetera. That is why their costs on the marketplace are way more cost-effective than the organically developed and harvested crops.

Permit me inquire you a problem Would you pick 24 hours air-condition in excess of all-natural air and daylight?

Technological know-how has not crushed the forces of nature and will hardly ever do irrespective of the innovation. Even in robotics, study has uncovered out that the productiveness and precision are amplified whist good quality and longevity is compromised.

Meanwhile, with the correct human hard work, all four can be obtained at the same time. Remember, Male-produced robots but the male did not make male. That is why hand-manufactured vehicles are however more high-priced than cars designed by robots. I just cannot mention models here… lol but we all know… lol.

To attract some positives out of the writer’s sentiments, Ghana can partially commit in greenhouse farming but, If I have been to advise the authorities, I’d propose they should not shell out much more than 20 per cent attention to that.

That style of farming is for locations the place there is no continual rain and sunshine all-year. Ghana is favoured to be in the tropics. We have the singular option alongside Ivory Coast to maintain the authenticity of the cocoa produce- to preserve our rank as two of the top producers of the “original” specimen.

The most critical matter is to enhance productiveness by increasing farmlands using the suitable farming technological innovation and present day farm procedures- so that we can boost efficiency and defeat the opposition. There are a ton of lands that lay bare. With that go from China, it’s time to search into really serious enlargement.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel we need to have to squander time panicking when methods abound? Let us go over.


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