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Mawuli Zogbenu: ‘I’ve resigned as land guard’



My late father used to say there are only two issues in this environment: Number 1 is the crave for land. Range two is the crave for females ‘by hat’! Make sure you really don’t glance at my deal with yet again wai! Hahaaaaa! Today is Friday and yaanom have began unnecessary greetings: ‘Just to come across out how you are doing’, ‘It’s been a though since I checked on you’, Ei, so you have dawgd me like that if the funds occur, really do not chop it by yourself o’. These are all preparatory grounds to get started next week April 30, requests: ‘I am broke oo…’ “anything for the girls?’, ‘Charlie, my hostel roof is leaking enable me send you the video’. Hmmm! This video clip strategy er…I didn’t know it was a rip-off until two girls sent me on distinctive situations the very same online video of leaking roofs. The intriguing detail was that they were being not roommates neither were they students in the very same university. Fellas, if you do not use your head, your system will put up with o, yooo!

 That’s why even while doctors never manufacture prescription drugs and vaccines, as to how they know which just one is great to treatment us can only be realized by education, no be so? Ever imagined why you enter a room comprehensive of ladies and all are enthusiastic to see you except a single? This one a single is the a single who has genuine emotions for you oo. She may perhaps be undertaking so just to build an aura all around her but consider your luck. This sort of women are like boiled eggs – just choose your time and little by little you’d finish peeling them off! Hahahahahaa. Females who are like that would kill me currently. The superior news is that they don’t even read through worthless issues like this one. Kai! For what? Hahahahaha!

Ei, Wissdom Quarshie was one of my classmates. Directly reverse his title is the opposite that means of his first name. We were all questioned to title any tree we knew. At Anunmle the place vernacular was in our inner DNA, Wisdom was not acquainted with anything at all English! All he was fantastic at are ‘Kw3333, okay333 mini’!

Identify a tree. Very first individual ‘Mango tree’, Next person, Pawpaw tree, third particular person Mahogany tree and by the time the teacher bought to Knowledge, all the trees ‘were finished’ and he remembered only ‘Yoryi tree’! Just after all, every single tree be tree! This is in which he ended his schooling for the reason that the teacher, out of intense anger, dropped his cane and really engaged him in a bodily combat! Dasorrrrr! Just in situation you don’t know yoryi tree, in English it is named ‘blackberry tree’. Not that mobile phone identified as BB oo. Blackberry is black on the address (shell) and the edible section inside of the shell is usually light brown! Go back to university if you want to argue with me around regardless of whether that is its English title or agric identify! After all, up until now, no one could clearly tell no matter whether sugar cane is a fruit crop or firewood!  

Guy undergo just before oo I am even now suffering. Modest plot of land I’m seeking hard to set up a chamber and corridor on and these land-guards would not let me be! Just strike the floor with any tool and they appear demanding ‘digging fee’. I managed to access lintel and yet again they were there! I gave them nokofio. I dread the actions of these fellas oo. I the moment saw them biting off somebody’s upper lip just for refusing to give them ¢2 so whenever they came close to I sorted them out and questioned my employees to do identical. In truth they ‘own’ each and every plot of land in town. If you have in no way expert them and their things to do, it is uncomplicated to conclude they are not lethal as my Uncle Ganyaglo as soon as informed me that ‘a madman dancing at the market put will only be amusing to you if he is not your relative’. Have a ‘brush with the ‘laws’ of land guards and you would fully grasp what it implies if an individual tells you about his or her working experience in dealing with land guards. Fatal!

It is the reason I am so fired up about the incoming Land Law that seeks to sanitise land acquisition and other similar matters to deal with this kind of.

I struggled to get some income progress from my employer and started out the roofing of the residence. From nowhere, they appeared once again this time inquiring for ‘Roofing fee’. Oh hooo! Ny3baa gbe wor!

Subsequent time I would invest in an estate house and be free but the trouble here is how to get the income gboom like that. The other option, home finance loan facility also does not occur easily or I dey lie?

Accidents on our roads are getting to be a problem o. Fewer than 4 months into 2021 and currently 800 people useless by means of incidents? Why? Ern, I say why? In some cases just one does not come to feel it when a close relation or good friend is not a sufferer! That is exactly where Uncle Ganyaglo’s tips helps make perception to me that: ‘a madman dancing at the industry put will only be humorous to you if he is not your relative’ God aid us change our behaviours on the roads as we consider this whole campaign in opposition to mishaps on our streets critically.

Ei, you guys are squandering my time listed here oo. As I publish it is raining greatly and my roof is leaking. Hahahahaha! Go back to the opening remarks of this ‘useless’ each day lifetime fiction enveloped in a satirical apparel!

This my carpenter who came to condemn the professionalism of the earlier carpenter is himself as negative as nothing at all. Some artisans are funny oo. They have a way of condemning the past a single warming on their own into your heart and from time to time executing even worse themselves when presented the possibility. Following time I would interact Raincoatt or one thing like that to do a greater work for me but the cash? Permit me spend tiny modest er! Hmmm!

Ei, I have a zoom assembly in the following 10 minutes. Enable me rapidly test my information ahead of it is way too late.

These times of zoom zoom conferences will not allow male to rest. In point some are far more demanding than owning meetings bodily. Whenever I am in a zoom conference, no just one would contact till I begin to make a contribution. That is when my hometown people collaborate with my Accra detractors and would permit somebody to call me to disrupt the complete network

They won’t get in touch with when you have no these types of virtual factors on likely o. The instant you start off p3, that is when a nephew would connect with you to notify you your grand uncle has swallowed spoon accidentally and the network? Phew! Some would keep contacting, you continue to keep slicing. They would simply call, you minimize as if….ah! Hmmmmm

Anyway, COVID is even now all over searching for individuals who never use their masks and refuse to clean their arms. Funerals funerals funerals! You should let us be very careful about the amount of mourners o. I attended 1 just lately and two people (relations) had been becoming buried at the exact same time and at the identical venue and mourners have been so many and with out counting, I could notify the amount was much more than 50. I drew the awareness of just one of the younger adult men I supposed was a relation to the deceased and for him, he knows the variety to be 25 but given that they were two dead people about to be buried, they multiplied the amount of mourners by two so 50 is alright! You see the place we are obtaining it erroneous?

Content weekend and God be with us all till we satisfy yet again upcoming week for me to spew far more fictionary reasonable things in this ‘useless’ satirical piece! Hahaaaa!


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