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The Authorities Has Failed Us, Not the Citizens – CHRIS-VINCENT Writes on ‘FixYourself’ Nonsense


I have a hectic morning as my function is piling up, but I have to choose time out to generate this, to evidently and boldly demonstrate to the lunatic occasion supporters that, the only issues essential to be fastened are the complications of Ghana—and the authorities is the one and only entity tasked to do this job.

The citizens have absolutely nothing to repair. In truth, when the region is set, it will automatically resolve the difficulties elevated towards the citizens.

Also, the citizens did not go to the people, begged and questioned them to vote for them so that they will arrive to power and correct the challenges of Ghana—and they are not compensated to correct the troubles of Ghana.

Some team of men and women woke up and went about promising the citizens that if they vote for them, they will alter their life all-around, address the challenges of Ghana and that they will exhibit significant advancement in just 180 days. These people reported the prior team of folks have been wholly incompetent and was applying grossly stupid approaches in fixing our difficulties so we should elect them alternatively.

The people then voted this new set of men and women into electrical power and now they say what? That the citizens have to repair by themselves to start with in advance of they correct the issues they begged to arrive into electric power to resolve—and they are paid regular to take care of?

You consider a month to month salary to do a task and when you are questioned to account for it or to damn do the job, you convert all around to say another person not becoming paid for something or the human being who did not suppose by election to do anything must resolve him or herself initially. What kind of nonsense is this? And we cannot connect with it nonsense?

Who is meant to deal with the streets, the ability issues, the water issues, the unemployment complications, the security problems, the accommodation/housing issues, the “galloping” inflation of charges of excellent and solutions difficulties? The citizens?

You say the citizens throw rubbish all over anyhow, split the legislation, are corrupt, damage federal government homes and are concerned in all method of hogwash and irresponsibility.

If that is genuine, does that not in alone not suggest an incompetent government at the hub of affairs? Are there no guidelines? Who is supposed to enforce the laws—an agency of the government appropriate?

You consider that if legislation did not work any where in the planet, people today wouldn’t do what ever they want? Who would cease at the red gentle when they are in a hurry all the time, but for the enforceable legal guidelines? Have you folks listened to of the Gun Male concept or Thomas Hobbes’ brutish point out of mother nature in social contract?

We formed governments and gave energy to governments since that is how law and order is maintained—the govt has unsuccessful us not the citizens.

So, #fixthecountry

—Chris-Vincent Agyapong, the Lawyer, the Writer, the Thinker, the Minimalist and the Expert Real truth Sayer…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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