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Wellbeing officers complain around absence of blood


The Bigger Accra Area overall health officers say they’re battling to maintain their patients alive because of to the unavailability of blood.

The Wellness Advertising Division of the Ghana Well being Assistance states about half of the women who died all through childbirth last year could have been saved if there was sufficient blood to take care of them.

Regional Health Advertising Supervisor, Eunice Dzagli advised JoyNews in an job interview that their staff have on several instances viewed on as accident victims, pregnant women and other individuals who could have been saved died.

“In the previous year which is 2020, 50% of the women of all ages who died thanks to boy or girl beginning could have been saved if we had enough blood in the bank.

“Patients with everyday living threatening circumstances like cancer, diabetes and so on could have been saved from these early fatalities if we experienced ample blood. And with the latest charge of mishaps, we have numerous incident victims who are admitted and want blood urgently but the absence of blood has created us eliminate these folks,” she reported.

The well being marketing unit in Larger Accra is as a result, rallying Ghanaians to voluntarily donate blood in the course of the mother’s working day celebration at the Greater Accra Regional Clinic to assist save life.

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