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Abdul Karim Ibrahim: #FixTheCountry – Governance is not a bride, we refuse to be in-legal guidelines to the political course


Spontaneous movements have verified to be powerful and groundbreaking throughout time. All those whose passions they threaten have learned this the difficult way.

They are weary of it. It threatens their authority, dominance, control. It reduces to naught their power. Evidence abounds in background, and extra lately you may well cast your minds to Mohammed Bouazizi, or George Floyd, and even closer dwelling to EndSars.

I am below no illusions that the recent social media marketing campaign in Ghana, championed mainly by young individuals, dishevelled and agitated by the governance of the state is no ripe motion.

In fact, by our own criteria, this should die out by the beginning of the subsequent big scandal. But, the debates that have ensued coupled with the reaction of the ruling elites resulting in a significant-stage ministerial meeting issue to how severe it could get.

It all started with a random male, created solely into an influencial sensation by a series of constituencies from Amazing Kid, to Abenkwan, to Nungua, and Football twitterspheres. It is comprehensible that primary journalists like Bernard Avle and Samson Lardi Ayenine would wrestle to get his name correct on their shows.

Soon after all, who is Kalyjay? Why is his Twitter manage @Gyaigyimi? And why does he command almost 500 000 subsequent?

This is the new norm and the older political elites have some capture up to do.

Kalyjay with a constituency large more than enough to command a seat in parliament reverberated the sentiments of quite a few, it would seem to be, when he tweeted “FixTheCountry”.

It caught on, and some others like Researcher and Social Commentator Oliver Barker-Vorrmawor declared an intention to strike the streets for a #FixTheCountry demo.

The ensuing debates have led numerous to check with, typically genuinely perplexed by the enthusiasm of the irate youth on social media, and from time to time mischievously much too, that what at all is this #FixTheCountry about?

Some have even ridiculed the young gentlemen and girls who have championed this marketing campaign on social media as missing the intellectual acumen to protect what seems to be to them a puerile cry of spoilt tiny brats for some undeserved countrywide benefits.

They have been forced to sometimes make a list of demands that manufactured them appear like the brainless imbeciles gatekeepers of governing administration feel they are.

On Friday, 7th January, 2021, I was invited on Ghana Join on Joy FM to focus on #FixTheCountry. It is arguably the most significant platform for this kind of discourse.

5 minutes into the dialogue, I noticed the absurdity in the debate that we had been getting all alongside.

#FixTheCountry campaigners say items like: “there are no careers, roads are negative, the economy is hard” to which authorities supporters retort: “We have lessened unemployment, we have fixed roads, blame Covid-19 for the financial mess”.

Herein lies the challenge a disingenuous political discourse boxed up in truisms. On Saturday, 8th May 2021, host of Newsfile Samson Anyenini also sought to get Convenor of the #FixTheCountry Demo to as it were “breakdown” for everyone, what #FixTheCountry is about.

For instance, what specifically the requires of the campaigners are. This query, on the experience of it, would seem good and harmless. But resist it. Here’s why.

Resist the attempt to make the #FixTheCountry connect with be about a list of items to be shipped by the Government of Ghana.

Superior governance is not a bride we look for and we ought to refuse to be in-guidelines to the political class.

Defining the campaign by a checklist of deliverables is neither what the spirit of #FixTheCountry is nor not what its system ought to be. By all usually means, demand from customers certain factors as component of the procedure. But permit it be just that a portion of it.

I understand the campaign to be, and imagine so to be the only sensible clarification that, its strength and sustenance lies in its unpredictability, its chaos and most likely irrationality.

The relentlessness and youth-spiritedness. These are what make Leader Kyei-Mensah furious and puzzled. #FixGhanaNow is about roadways. It is about unemployment.

And quite a few things. But it is about political leadership even much more. A real exam of the high-quality and sustainability of the contact is not in Akufo-Addo becoming uncovered or The greater part Whip Annoh-Dompreh getting rid of his mind. It is in looking at Sam George for who he is “it’s not the MPs occupation to deliver development” type of politician.

At the end of the day, the political class are connected in their collective evasion of accountability that they let on.

It’s in the fact that my friend’s mom who has devoted virtually 4 many years to teaching small children in villages goes home with nothing near to what Ras Mubarak’s 4 decades stint with parliament will give him.

There is no reasonably aim metric to justify this apart from that politics in Ghana is basically theft.

That the political elites are so eradicated from the day by day realities of the Ghanaian mess through self-aggrandizement and unequal access to the fortunes of the nation is why #FixTheCountry should not be lessened to a petty, simplistic listing of things like a browsing guidebook.

So when a person asks you what you want with #FixTheCountry, be self-confident to say “I never know”. It is ok to leave it in this sort of absurd condition. Since that is a acceptable reaction to the similarly unexplainable and absurd inequality and hopelessness that the Ghanaian political method perpetuates.

People who come to feel threatened, for that reason, by the unexpected anger of youthful people, do not should have any clarity of purpose in the information.

They will need to view and see #FixTheCountry as a thriller, raw, spirited anger of “unguided” youth ready to explode at any time if overlooked.

That way, for as long as probable, they’d thread a little bit far more cautiously and not stay with these kinds of wanton disregard and impunity as we have seen for so lengthy.

Because how dare MP Annoh-Dompreh submit what he did, contacting people who need improved “Gyimie” only to flip all-around and blame his aide.

If you appointed an aide who could not browse the space or recognize your very own temperament, you’re either incompetent or simply not worth that aide’s regard. You need to be announcing that you fired them right before any retraction. But we know he lied.

How dare John Mahama endeavor to turn into President yet again in this region. What a lot more does he genuinely have for us following all the possibilities he has been provided?

And then Nana Akufo-Addo? It does not get any much more rhetorical. From simply just lying about earning Accra the cleanest town in Africa in four decades — simply because he’s obviously shown no dedication further than the ordinary to that promise particularly with entire awareness of the problem— to hounding the anti-corruption fighter Daniel Domelovo was one thing President Akufo- Addo could only desire of.

My appeal is that, be not less than any pressure to outline what #FixTheCountry is to these who feign ignorance.

They know rather properly that you know that governing administration has developed work opportunities, and that despite the fact that not all roads have been performed, some have. It is senseless to guide on your own into that stalemate trap due to the fact the fact is even the most incompetent govt would get anything to position to.

It is ridiculous that we would cut down this sort of an significant possibility for reforms to answering queries on what we suggest by correct Ghana now. We have to refuse this distraction vehemently.

As a substitute, allow this marketing campaign be about a constant rejection of the colonial get inherited by the political elites.

The buy that simply would make the political elites so potent and politics so valuable for a few. These kinds of obstacle to the systemic and structural inequalities in our politics might consider time but it is worthwhile.

Simply because whichever way you search at it, the ruling class — NPP and NDC and their friends— are all like the Jinapor brothers, they would never ever be in opposition. You and I will.

The creator, Abdul Karim Ibrahim is a journalist, researcher and communications expert.

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