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GOC insists Herbert Mensah is still president of Ghana rugby


The General Secretary of the Ghana Olympic Committee, Mohammed Sahnoon, has described the purported suspension of Herbert Mensah from being President and Board Chairman of the Ghana Rugby Football Union as “flawed and unconstitutional”.

According to Sahnoon, only a special general meeting of the union has such powers to cause the suspension of an elected member.

The GOC General Secretary in a correspondence to the Ghana Rugby Union Players Association (GRUPA) said Mensah as President was duly elected and the Board meeting convened to suspend him was unconstitutional.

“As you well know your President was duly elected as such under the Constitution and matters concerning his removal from office ought to conform to the procedures spelt out in the constitution. Your constitution in this respect provides for his removal by Special Resolution at a Special General Meeting of the federation. We entreat you to follow the tenet of the constitution in all your actions and it is our fervent hope that you able to resolve your disputes amicably without any acrimony”, the GOC letter read.

Meanwhile sources close to Herbert Mensah says he is not disturbed about the development and is going about his normal duties.

Since taking over Ghana Rugby, he has invested from his personal resources money and key logistics to keep the association alive resulting in the winning of continental laurels. Though he has indicated his willingness to step aside, sources say he will not be pushed by selfish individual scheming to destroy the association.

Ghana rugby has undergone massive transformation since Mensah took over as President on June 5, 2014. Ghana is now ranked 9th in Africa despite not being a recognized rugby-playing nation.

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