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Free SHS: Give us free and quality education – Concerned citizen tells government


A concerned Ghanaian citizen says the quality of the country’s public educational system, particularly, the second cycle institution is gradually waning.

Expressing his concern on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Wednesday, the caller only known as George attributed the current situation to President Akufo-Addo’s flagship programme, Free SHS.

According to him, Senior High School students spend more days at home than in the classroom.

This, he said, will not only affect the pupils, but will weaken Ghana’s educational system and make government’s objective to have a well-educated human resource to build the country futile.

“Ghanaians did not say that free education is not good, but please give us free quality education.

“Our leaders are behaving as if SHS education is the highest form of education. And if this continues, at the end of the day, our children will not able to have good grades to go to the University,” the discerning listener complained.

The worried citizen advised government to terminate the Free SHS if it cannot sustain it.

He is of the view that, parents would prefer to pay for quality education than to enjoy a “freebie” which could be detrimental to their wards future.

“No one was standing at the back of this government with a rifle to implement Free SHS. He just implemented it because it was a party promise.

“It (Free SHS) is not helping us at all. Even God has stopped raining manna for Israel, so we don’t want free ‘buga-buga’ education,” he said.

However, another caller suggested that the policy should simply be reviewed.

According to him, every policy comes with its problems, as such, government should engage all relevant stakeholders to find a workable solution to the issues.

“Every policy comes with its own problems, we can solve them and let’s stop gagging people from complaining. These are very important issues that we can discuss,” he said.

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