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Wise Network supports the Maiden Edition of the International Mushroom, Spices Fair


From right, the mushroom Queen Fafape Ama Foe,Hon.Adumuah ,MCE Adenta Municipality and Dr.Mrs Genevieve Duncan Obuobi,President WISE Network Ghana

The role of the private sector as a critical catalyst in the creation of sustainable economic development for nations, cannot be down-played. Evidence abounds, globally, that a robust and vibrant private sector is at the core of the growth vision that nations have set within their sights.

At the heart of this universal conversation, lies the fact that a significant percentage of today’s multi-billion-dollar conglomerates began small and were driven by entrepreneurs or business owners who had a vision to succeed whilst creating solutions to meet society’s myriad problems.

It is an open-secret that micro, small and medium scale business owners are confronted with several challenges, which hamper their efforts towards delivering on their mandate. These range from the failure to establish the appropriate and requisite business structures to unpredictable environmental factors that may threaten the sustainability of the business. In between these two extremes, lie a host of other hurdles that must be cleared to ensure a positive growth trajectory is charted.

In keeping with its commitment to support women entrepreneurs to ascend the pinnacle of their business ambitions, the Women Intelligentsia for Service and Excellence (WISE) Network on, 28th May, 2021, partnered with Mrs. Fafape Ama Foe, a member of the Network, to host the inaugural edition of the “International Mushrooms and Spices Fair” (IMSA).

The event, themed “Creating Market Opportunities for Sustainable Development”, took place at the Efua Sutherland Children’s Park. The fair sought to provide a platform for participants to trade, network and obtain relevant information about new trends in the mushroom and spices value chain.

In attendance were some dignitaries, including the member of parliament for the Madina constituency, Hon. Lawyer Xavier Sosu and the Municipal Chief Executive of the Adenta Municipal Assembly, Hon. Daniel Nii-Noi Aduamah. There was representation from various governmental ministries and agencies as well as players along the mushroom and local spice production value chain.

The Executive Director of IMSA, Mrs. Fafape Ama Foe highlighted the immense potential that the mushroom and spices production industry held for the economic gains of the nation, especially, with respect to employment creation for the women and youth as well as in export earnings.

“The projected statistical outlook as regards the demand for mushrooms and authentic local spices is indicative of the fact that, the market for spices, globally, is poised for exponential growth – growth, fuelled by an increasing demand for ready-to-use spice mixes as a convenient option in food service delivery and the willingness of prospective buyers to pay a premium for new flavours and authentic ethnic tastes,” she noted.

Mrs. Foe, further stressed, “It has become imperative to celebrate the achievement of the industry players and throw more light on the challenges facing us – IMSA, we believe, offers an apt forum for this discourse.”

In her solidarity message, the president of WISE Network Ghana, Dr. Genevieve Duncan-Obuobi, underscored the need for a concerted national effort to boost such women-led initiatives.

“The business support that the WISE Network offers its members, is critical for propelling and empowering more women to live fulfilled lives and impact society with their knowledge,” she intimated. 

“It is in keeping with this commitment that we are here to throw our full weight behind Fafape and the IMSA initiative to further amplify the immense potential that this project has for society and the nation as a whole, ”Dr. Duncan-Obuobi continued.

IMSA is an initiative that aims at promoting the business development of mushrooms and spices in the country.

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