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Lack of a unique genre is a major setback for our music industry – Shatta Wale


SM President, Shatta Wale (Credit: Instagram – @shattawalenima Photo taken by @manuelphotography)

Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale, has said that failure of Ghanaians to own a particular genre of music, is a major setback for the industry.

Addressing the nation on Wednesday, June 2, he said that during his business meetings in the US, investors kept pushing to know what kind of music Ghanaians do even though he appeared before them as a Dancehall act.

“One of the things I find to be a major setback in the Ghana music industry is a unique genre that can be solely attributed to us as a people. I was in business meetings with different foreign stakeholders, and investors and one question they all seemed to ask was ‘what kind of music do Ghanaians do?’.”

“The question was one that kept me thinking, basically they wanted to know what genre we are known for as a nation and that I found interesting.”

The ‘I know my Level’ hitmaker urged industry stakeholders in Ghana to work together to help identify that one genre of music Ghanaians can claim as ours.

Shatta Wale explained that Ghana, through the Tourism Ministry and other sectors in the entertainment industry, can push the music agenda to put Ghana in the global spotlight.

He explained that having a unique genre attributed to Ghana will give the country the long awaited international attention it deserves.

The ‘Already’ crooner’s comment comes barely a week after his return to Ghana from Miami in the USA, where he went for a vacation.

The holiday, however, turned into work as he found himself in business meetings to help grow his brand and work on his upcoming album ‘GoG’, he said.

The SM President, announced that he is ready bounce back on social media after the short break to focus on the ‘GoG’ album.

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