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#fGSTYLE: Check Out The All The Ladies Distracting Men With The New Trending ‘Knitted-Scarf’ Top Style


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Just when you think fashion couldn’t get more revealing, there is always a new trend that pops up making it hard for the innocent men of today to simply mind their own business….and wives. The new knit-scarf top is one such look that is swirling around the world of style and trends.

The top or ‘style’ is simple made out of 2 knitted scarves, placed over the shoulders, both falling flat. Whilst the front end of the knitted scarf is used to cover the boobs and the nipples, and the back end of the scarf is pulled under the arms, going around the waist to be tied over to the back, holding the front end firmly.

In other word it works somewhat like a bralet. It’s perfect for hot days and breeze easily flows through knitted garments, but also gives away a big part of your cleavage, for those who might have an issue.

However, there are also some well-designed types like that from online store @FromBritts which actually has the look in a stable knitted one-piece with a fully covered back and the front end and back straps connected.

It may seem as through the promotion to sell the edition of the knitted scarf top by @FromBritts since April is what has sparked the trend. The look is now being dawned by many style influencers and fashionistas around the world, and note it here first…..

We can see a new viral trend picking up from this as many other companies in future come up with their version of this look, including leather, African print editions, and more. For now, enjoy the looks we found below.

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