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Learn to protect your mental health – Ozo advises youth pursuing fame


Former Big Brother Naija housemate Ozo Chukwu has advised young people chasing fame to devise ways to protect their mental health.

According to him, not everyone online would like or love a famous person, and it would be delusional to expect the same.

However, even though trolls and possible insults are expected, people need to ensure that it does not affect any aspect of their lives, he told Lexis Bill, host of Joy FM’s Drivetime.

“Before you become famous in life, you should always understand the fact that you are always going to get trolled; it is always going to happen. Even if you are not famous, not everyone will like you.”

“Some people may see you, and they wouldn’t like you because of the way you walk, or how you talk or how you chew your food or how you drink your water. That’s just how life is; you should know that the trolling is always going to be there; you need to know how to protect your mental health.”

For Ozo, who admits that fame can sometimes be overwhelming, not paying mind to what trolls write or speculate about him, has been one way he protects himself.

The former Big Brother Naija housemate said that he believes whatever trolls post about him does not define the person he is, nor will he let it define the person he wants to be.

“It is important for me to take care of my mental health. I always say whatever that person is saying; I know it is not a reflection of who I am or what I am going through, or where I am going to get to in life. For me, those are just words; that’s all you could do.”

Ozo explained that these words cannot stop him from achieving everything he has planned to attain in the future.

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