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Rasta boys vs Achimota School: Fear of opening floodgates is an absurdity – Kweku Baako


Abdul Malik Kweku Baako has stated that any fear that the admission of the two Rastafarian boys into Achimota School would lead to people with other beliefs demanding to be admitted, is absurd.

“The fear of opening floodgates is an invitation to realm of absurdity over the Rastafarian students and Achimota School’s case. It is a red herring and raised to actually prevent further hearing of the issue between the students and Achimota School,” the Editor In-Chief of the New Crusading Guide said.

He was contributing to discussions on Joy News’ Newsfile, Saturday June 5, in respect of the eventual admission of Tyrone Marhguy and Oheneba Nkrabea into Achimota School, upon a ruling by an Accra High Court. Kweku Baako said he found the judgment by the high court on the two Rastafarian students very persuasive.

“I am happy with the Court’s intervention and the judgment that has come. We need not continue this facade. It’s not necessary, for me it was needless. My instincts and sentiments were with the boys but I knew that those were not substitute for law and school rules and regulations ” he told host Samson Anyenini.

He added that he is educated by the point that the ruling of the Court for Achimota School does not cover everybody.

Mr Baako said the ruling should serve as a trigger for the Ghana Education Service to exercise its mandate and supervisory roles over all schools that come under its ambit.

“GES should consolidate, compile, and codify certain rules that all these schools will deal with as an umbrella body perhaps, we didn’t even need a litigation in court if this grey area had been dealt with.”

His comment come at the back of an Accra High Court’s order on May 31, 2021 compelling Achimota School, which initially denied the two Rastafarian students admission on account of their dreadlocked hairs to be admitted. The two have since been enrolled and participated in end of semester examinations.

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