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Ghana Rugby Union: Herbert Mensah removed from office as president


Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU), has officially removed from office, Herbert Mensah as president of the Union.

JoySports reported last month that, Mr Mensah will be removed from office on June 8 at a Special General meeting (SGM)

The meeting which was held earlier today had all six members voting in favour of the motion to remove the former Asante Kotoko Chief Executive Officer(CEO) from office, a statement available to JoySports said.

Vice-Chairman, James Nunoo will act as leader of the Union, but the position of President remains vacant until an elective assembly is organised on September 20, 2021.

A statement signed by Bismark Amponsah, General Secretary, Ghana Rugby, James N.A. Nunoo, elected President of CentWest, and Michael Ako Wilson elected President of GRUPA
available to JoySports said:

“The removal of Mr. Mensah follows a period of impasse in the governance of Ghana Rugby that stretched over the period from 25th April 2021 till the 8th of June 2021. Mr. James N.A. Nunoo was subsequently appointed as Chairman of the Board at a meeting of Board Members that was directed by the SGM to do so.

“The Presidency will be left vacant until the next Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Ghana Rugby that has to be held not later than 20th September 2021 as directed by the SGM.”

Mr Nunoo made a short statement saying, “We are pleased and relieved that Ghana Rugby has managed to restore legitimacy to its governance structures. It was a sad short period in Ghana Rugby’s life that should and could have been avoided.”

Mr. Nunoo continued that “the removal of Mr. Mensah can and will never wipe the contributions he has made to the development of the game of Rugby in Ghana, and that Ghana Rugby will forever be grateful for that.”

The Ghana Rugby Board ordered an investigation into the impasse that led to thr removal of Herbert Mensah to curtail the repetition of that.

Last month, Herbert Mensah went to the Accra High Court, pleading the court to nullify all meetings held that led to his suspension from office. A request was also made to injunct the board from holding further meetings because it was unconstitutional.

The application for interlocutory injunction, JoySports understands, was not granted and the substantive matter will be heard on June 23, 2021.

The SGM, say all meetings held were legitimate.

“The SGM also approved various other Motions that included the legitimizing of all meetings held over the period stretching from 25th April 2021 up to the date of the SGM on 8th June 2021. This includes a Resolution adopted at a Board Meeting on 11th May 2021 to suspend Mr. Mensah.

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