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Today In History: I’m more broke after sleeping and eating in graves for Sakawa cash


A file photo of someone at the graveyard A file photo of someone at the graveyard

• A young footballer has said he was once a fetish priest

• In his search for wealth he had to sleep naked at graveyards

• In the end, he said, he became poorer than he was

The chilling accounts of a young Ghanaian footballer who disclosed that he was a former fetish priest, broke in 2016.

The young player, popularly called Jimmy Brown, revealed circumstances that led him to becoming a pauper, in his quest for riches.

As part of the things he went through, he had to sleep at a graveyard without any clothes on for two weeks.

The full story is brought back to you below:

A young Ghanaian footballer who is a former fetish priest, Peprah George popularly called Jimmy Brown has revealed that he became a pauper in his pursuit to acquire riches overnight through money rituals ‘ known as Sakawa’.

According to him, after obeying the instructions of the fetish priest where he slept at a graveyard naked for two weeks to loot graves and steal human parts of a buried corpse he ended up being poorer than he opted for.

He said he didn’t get the riches that he yearned for after presenting human bones such as hands, legs, and skull to the fetish priest.

The converted fetish priest recalled that his efforts of sleeping inside the caskets with his friend at midnight for two weeks to achieve this demonic mission didn’t materialized.

Jimmy revealed that he had to eat and drink water at the graveyard during his two-week stay there but eventually he didn’t receive the riches he was yearning for.

Peprah George stated that he and his friend would have died a useless death if they had not avoided handshakes, hugs and pushes from their friends they met on the way from the graveyard.

The young talented football who wanted to be rich said he was deceived by the fetish priest who promised him riches saying after all these struggles the riches never appeared.

He underscored that the fetish priest showed him pictures of the money sent by the gods but he didn’t receive it physically.

In a video interview with Vibes in 5 hosted by Arnold M. Elavanyo sighted by MyNewsGh.com, he asserted, ‘I wanted to be very rich so I went for money rituals, I was asked to bring human parts such as legs, hands, skull, we got some from the graveyard, after two weeks of sleeping at midnight naked. My friend and I had to walk backwards from the graveyard, we had to avoid handshakes, hugs. With all these struggles, I didn’t get the money, the fetish priest showed me pictures of the money and sent me to a cemetery where he claimed to have kept the money’.

He advised the youth to desist from getting rich through dubious means which will lead them to deaths or troubles.

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