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34-year-old man shot at Pig Farm reported dead


JoyNews checks has revealed that the 34-year-old man who was gunned down at Pig Farm in Accra has passed away.

The unidentified victim was shot in the stomach during a daylight robbery on Wednesday, June 9, at the Pig Farm roundabout after a few seconds of struggle.

An eyewitness who spoke with JoyNews’ reporter Maxwell Agbagba stated that the victim pleaded with the robbers informing them he carried no valuables. However, his plea fell on deaf ears.

“I saw some motorbikes approaching. I heard sounds like gunshot but I thought they were from the motorbikes. The robbers tried to take the backpack from the man.

“He resisted, jumped from his motorbike and opened the bag. He told them he carried no valuables but they still shot him and took the backpack,” he narrated.

The 34-year-old was then rushed to the 37 Military Hospital by a good samaritan who saw him lying in a pool of blood.

Unfortunately, about 24 hours after a report on the incident was filed, the victim is reported to have died despite all efforts by the health personnel of the hospital to save him.

Meanwhile, the Accra Police is on a manhunt for the perpertrators of this hideous crime.

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