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Conjoined twins: I’m worried we may lose them – 15-year-old sibling pleads for public support


A 15-year-old, Rebecca Bansah is pleading with the public to contribute a token towards the fundraising of GH¢3million to enable her Siamese siblings undergo surgery.

She tells JoyNews’ Kojo Yankson that she fears that delay in raising the money may lead to losing one or even both of her baby brothers.

“I’m worried, I’m worried that maybe we might lose one of them or maybe we might lose the two.”

The two-month-old twins are conjoined at the head, a phenomenon which is said to occur once in every 2.5 million births of which about 35% out of 60% dies within 24 hours after birth leaving only 5% who survive until surgery.

Rebecca said the news was shocking. Until she was briefed on her siblings’ predicaments, she thought the outcome was related to wrongdoing by their parents.

“When I saw them for the first time, I thought it was a crime my mum and dad committed but after my mum explained everything, I saw that it was normal.”

Medical doctors at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital (Ridge) are racing against time to separate the two-month-old conjoined babies as they are to undergo about five stages of the surgery.

The elder brother, Richmond Bansah said it was difficult for him to believe the news until he visited the Ridge hospital and saw his brothers who he felt were in severe pain.

“I went to Ridge, the first time I entered and saw them, they were in pain, in fact, it was so sorrowful, it was too emotional.”

But to him, all hope is not lost as he trusts that God will make a way for a successful operation on his brothers through the medical doctors.

“Because they said they can do it, I know that they can do it with the help of the Lord, everything shall be possible, I have faith in the Lord,” he said

Meanwhile, members of the Medie community, where the parents of the twins live, are confounded at the news of the twins’ dilemma as they speak fondly of the Bansah family.

“I was not here when they came to rent the room, but I have taken them as my children because they are good people, I even leave my keys with them any time I travel. I never think ill of them,” their landlady said.

A resident, although could not tell what could have caused the unexpected, said “what I know is maybe it will be a spiritual problem or nature.”

“I visited them at the hospital, the mother was crying so I told her not to worry because God knows why and everything was going to be alright,” another resident told JoyNews.

The birth of the Bansah twins has forged unity in the community as they rise to support the family in high hopes that the nation will unite in generosity to find GH¢3,000,000.00 to pay for the life-saving surgery.

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