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#FixTheCountry: Leave social media, come and plant trees – Oti Regional Minister to campaigners


Oti Regional Minister, Dr. Joshua Makubu has called on #FixTheCountry protestors to join government in its agenda to plant 5 million trees countrywide.

According to him, environmental degradation is a major concern in the country, and thus it would be appropriate if the youth especially, join hands to help fix the problem.

Speaking at a short ceremony to kick-start the Green Ghana Day in the Oti Region, the Minister said this was “a way we can all contribute in our little way to fix the problem of environmental degradation. Therefore, I call on all those who support the fix the country agenda to leave the social media, come down and plant the trees.”

He opined that it would be more beneficial for the #FixTheCountry campaigners to engage in greening Ghana than to hit the streets expecting the country’s problems to be fixed.

“I think it would be more beneficial to get onto the grounds and plant trees than jumping onto the streets and breaking the trees that are getting finished and come back, and the problem would not have been solved,” he said.

He thus called on #FixTheCountry sympathisers in his region to join him green the region.

“So, fix Ghana people in the Oti region, let us get together and fix our environment,” he stated.

“I am encouraging everyone, especially the youth to participate in the Green Ghana Project. The government through the Forestry Commission is providing free seedlings to be planted.

“All you need to do is to walk into any Forestry Commission office and pick seedlings at no cost,” he added.

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