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Kennedy Agyapong reveals why Nana Addo has been very slow fighting corruption in the country | Latest Ghanaian Political News & Updates


He cited reasons that the judiciary has become an impediment to the President’s promise of fighting corruption among public officials because the court drags the cases for years without prosecution.

He said “He’s [Nana Addo] been very slow because the court system does not help him and he has not done anything about it. The way people expected him to fight corruption, the court system has frustrated him and he has done nothing about it so he has been very slow. It doesn’t mean he is not trying.

“There are several cases in court but the pace at which … Ghanaians don’t have patience… (they) don’t have patience for the system. The court process makes it difficult but if he speaks up against it, they’ll say he is influencing the judicial service, this and that. Because he is a lawyer, he’s abiding by the laws and rules of the country.

“So if I say he’s been slow, this is what I mean. I think if he made some comment on the judicial service to expedite the case, they would have sat up and worked,” he said.

“Am I satisfied that we’ve been effective? I will say yes. A lot has been done, and it is reflected in Ghana’s growing position and rankings of corruption in the world. We’ve gone up several notches since I came into office because we are dealing with these matters at the basic level,” Agyapong said in an interview with US-based Ghanaian radio.

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