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Here Are Ghana’s Top 10 Male Models!



Ghana has proven to have some of the best male models across the world, however, the use of male models in Accra, Ghana is very limited. The insufficient amount of scrutiny for designers allows them to go scout-free without aiming for perfection.

Most menswear brands, designers and tailors improvise financially with alternative sources for mannequins such as modelling their clothes themselves, using relatives or friends, and more. And those with the funds in desperate seek for branding and promotion turn to celebrities and public figures to advertise their clothing.

With no critique or pubic media holding their works to the fire, they are capable of executing such forms of presentation with no impact on their brands. This leaves a small gap of clients for male models in Ghana to operate in.

Nevertheless, brands that do respect the art of the beauty of men make the right choices, giving jaw-dropping hunks the chance to reveal their advertising capabilities, and they are beyond amazing.

From editorials to shows, to commercials, we bring you the top 10 male models in Ghana who have been killing it in every step of the way.

These Top 10 male models of Ghana are also in the run for the best male fashion model of the upcoming FashionGHANA Honors & Awards 2021, which can all be seen at www.FashionGHANA.com/Awards. The selection is heavily packed with 6 packs, and it is known to be the tightest list in the history of fashion model awards.

Below are Ghana’s top 10 male models of 2021

In no particular order!

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10. Edward Haze

Edward Haze

Edward Haze

9. Kermit Oduro

Kermit Oduro

Kermit Oduro

Kermit Oduro

7. Clinton Samuel

Clinton Samuel

Clinton Samuel

5. Clinton Osei Boateng

Clinton Osei Boateng

Clinton Osei Boateng

3. Abraham Stanley Pierre

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