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UPSA student injured, allegedly abandoned after attack by robber on campus


A level 100 student at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) has been left bruised and perturbed after being attacked by a robber on campus.

Afia Serwah Boadu, who resides at Campus Annex Hostel, a private hotel was attacked by a miscreant who broke into the hostel at the wee hours of Thursday.

The robber broke into her room through the door to take away her personal belongings but came face to face with her while her roommate was fast asleep.

The two, according to a report filed by Krobea Asante, struggled which left Serwah Boadu bruised on the hands and knees after falling.

This enabled the robber to escape, taking along mobile phones and an undisclosed amount of money belonging to the victim.

According to the victim, there have been several attempts by suspected robbers to break into the hostel but all have been unsuccessful except the Thursday robbery.

“The incident happened at 2:50 am and these robbers have tried to access our hostels by breaking our windows but this time, they got access to the door. Because we were studying at that time, we had our laptops around. I was with my roommate in the room at that moment. So the robber broke into the room. Immediately, both our eyes locked unto one another. The robber then went ahead to take our phones and laptops but I decided to prevent that.

“I managed to retrieve the laptops but was unable to take the phones. I screamed but no one came to my rescue. The robber managed to hurt me in the process,” she narrated.

Meanwhile, Afia Serwah Boadu who is studying Public Relations at the tertiary level has been left unattended despite pleas for support following the unfortunate incident.

“Since the incident, no one has approached me to find out how I am faring or if I’m being treated. I went to ask the hostel authorities to give us some money so I can go to the hospital but they told me it is none of their business and they cannot do anything. They are acting unconcerned. It is sad. They broke our hearts by telling us we are not the first people to be robbed,” she bemoaned.

She also noted that the hostel has no form of security to ward off criminals.

“There is no security personnel at the hostel because they said they cannot afford the services of one. But the hostel is a facility that can easily be invaded,” she stated.

However, she has filed a complaint at the police station and provided the security service with images of the attack as evidence.

Also, authorities of the said hostel are yet to make a statement on the matter.

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