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ECG pylons are produced by women


Did you know that the Electricity Company of Ghana Pylons are produced by a woman. CNN Business featured her as Ghana’s Queen of cables.

Today my lenses are on Kate Quartey Papafio the owner and CEO of Reroy Group of Companies. I met her in 2019, pregnant with my second child. At the time I was the producer of pm Express Business Edition, a business discussion programme on Joy News. From that interview I learnt a lot. Follow me as I catalogue Kate Quartey Papafio’s journey.

Mrs Papafio started a building project with her husband; in fact their first house. The cable quality from the market was so bad, they had to go to China to order. They made a huge order and decided to sell some. At this point it was obvious to the family that they had hit a jackpot. This is how the company started.

Reroy Cable currently produces cables for the Electricity Company of Ghana, which includes pylons to carry electricity to homes in Ghana. The company leads in the production of aerial bundle cables for ECG.

Guess what, the electricity cable produced for ECG at the factory is also done by women. At the factory Kate has employed 8 women engineers from the TVET space. With less than 8 percent of women in engineering in Ghana, they are positioned at strategic sides on the factory floor. For instance Mr Ofei the factory manager says he prefers a woman at the quality control division because she will have eyes for details.

Her latest addition in the energy sector is an energy saving bulb which does a lot. The bulb is 5 Watts and does not go off when there is dumsor (A Ghanaian term for lights going on and off). Now wait for the jaw dropping one; to test if the light works, all you do is dip it in water. Hahahah. See details in the video below.

Reroy was the 83rd Ghana Club 100 company in 2016, it then jumped 55 places to number 28 on the Club 100 list in 2018 two years after.

I hope you are inspired

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