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Pass ‘operation clean your frontage’ bye-laws in 7 days – Greater Accra Minister to Assembly Members


The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey, has charged all 621 Assembly Members within the region to facilitate the passage of ‘operation cleanyour frontage’ bye-laws in their jurisdiction. 

The bye-laws will reintroduce regular inspections by environmental health officers who will issue court summons to offenders. 

The Minister had earlier hinted of a decentralised approach in enforcing sanitation regulations as part of the ‘Make Accra Work’ agenda. 

Addressing a meeting with Assembly Members in Accra, Henry Quartey, said enforcement of sanitation bye laws at the local level will positively impact government’s goal of making Accra the cleanest city in Africa. 

“I need you and you need me. We have an agenda and it is to make Accra work again. And how best to get Accra working than you at the local level enforcing our bye-laws,” he told them at a meeting.

He further asked, “can we give ourselves a week to do this? In seven days, let’s convene a General Assembly meeting and pass the operation clean your frontage bye-laws.”

Under the bye laws, occupants/owners of all households or buildings will be responsible for the cleaning of the frontage of their buildings. 

“When we find offenders, we will take them to court the ‘saman saman’ way”, the Minister said.

The Assembly Members also pledged to offer their utmost support in order to make the agenda successful.

About Operation Clean Your Frontage

The Regional Minister, Henry Quartey, aims at involving inhabitants of the region to embrace fully and participate in the Make Accra Great Again agenda. 

Residents in the Greater Accra Region will soon be required to clean their own frontage and surroundings under new by-laws to be passed by assemblies within the region.

The Minister announced the plan at a program to outdoor 100 high capacity trucks to deal with the unsanitary conditions in the capital. 

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