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Pain for Davido – Chioma And Ubi Franklin Finally Take Their Love Public


Davido is facing some pain today as his former fiancee, Chioma Rowland, has outdoored her new boyfriend, Ubi Franklin.

There have been multiple rumours that Chioma and her current manager, Ubi, are now an item.

Well, we can say it’s confirmed now! In other words, it is as confirmed as celebrities would ever confirm any relationship they have entered.

We know celebrities never tell the truth about anything. They leave subtle clues that we’re supposed to interpret ourselves.

Chioma and Ubi have left a very big clue out there that they are dating!

Chioma has splashed Instagram with magnificent photos of herself in orange.

Ms Rowland is looking delicious in the photos with her fantastic hair and makeup and short skirt giving a teasing look at her thighs.

Davido would probably swallow some saliva after seeing these photos.

However, Ubi Franklin chose to storm Chioma’s comments and put their new intimate relationship on show.

He posted a silly comment and Chioma also responded in a light-hearted, flirty way.

It’s clear their relationship goes beyond manager and client – they actually sound like a new couple enjoying themselves!

Check their interaction below…

Chioma seems like she’s finally ready to move on from Davido!

Her choice of Ubi Franklin is definitely going to annoy Davido, though.

Before they even broke up, Nigerian media reports said that Ubi Franklin took Chioma out which Davido wasn’t happy about but had to keep it a secret because of the respect he had for Chioma.

And it’s believed that Davido foresaw this happening after he warned Ubi Franklin somewhere in 2019 when he wished Chioma’s sister, Jennifer Rowland happy birthday and asked her to make him a dress. Davido called out Ubi and told him he knew his plans.

It seems those plans have worked – but Davido is also at fault for failing to honour his assurance to Chioma.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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