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Police live in buildings similar to hen coops – Sam George


The Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram, Samuel George has likened the abode of police personnel in the country to hen coops.

“The police should be reminded that if this country is fixed, the state in which many police live in our police barracks which is akin to chickens in a hen coop will be fixed,” he told JoyNews on Friday.

His statement comes as a response to the arrest of #FixTheCountry campaigners who supposedly gathered unlawfully at the High Court hearing the case of whether the group can hit the streets to protest or not. The 12 including actress Efia Odo were later granted self-recognizance bail.

The Ningo Prampram legislator dismissed claims of unlawful gathering stating that having “10 to 15 people holding placards and simply not obstructing traffic, not being a nuisance to the public, not disturbing the public peace, but simply asking for the country to be fixed, I struggle to see the rationale behind and arrest.”

According to Sam George, the police rather than preventing a group of Ghanaians from holding the government accountable should support the good course to have the recent challenges facing police escorts fixed.

“The Police should be reminded that in fixing the country, their colleagues who escort bullion vans would be given proper protection,” he said.

He also accused the police of living double standards as they were unhesitant to pick up the protestors but failed to interrupt the funeral ceremony of the late General Secretary of the NPP, Sir John, which saw many flout the Covid-19 safety protocols.

Mr George noted that since the said event, the police have failed to arrest and interrogate the organisers.

“The country appears to be working with two different laws. You would have expected the police service to go about shutting down the funeral of Sir John, or the crowds that we are seeing accompany His Excellency, the President as he is campaigning. Those were unlawful assemblies. I mean the crowds that have been lined up – the school children lined up intentionally to await the arrival of the President, is an unlawful assembly. It is an unlawful gathering, did they seek the Public Order Act?

“They are more than the protestors but the police are not shutting them down. So we seem to have two regimes of law,” he said.

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