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DJUGA holds workshop for members


A veteran DJ and Creative Arts Technical Consultant, Victor Akpeke aka DJ Victor has advised DJs to familiarize themselves with the equipment they use so they can properly benefit from them and also be in a position to fix minor faults when the unexpected happens.

He was speaking at a workshop organized by the DJs Union of Ghana (DJUGA) on Saturday as part of activities during its general meeting.

DJUGA holds workshop for members

According to DJ Victor, provided DJs know how to fix basic technical problems and know the sources of imminent technical challenges they could face during the execution of their work, a lot of agitation and loss of contracts can be avoided.

 “Imagine you are in the middle of a gig and an amplify goes off or your crossfader starts ‘leaking’. How do you rectify when there is no technician on site,” he quizzed.

DJUGA holds workshop for members

During the workshop, members of the union present at the event and on zoom were enlightened by DJ Victor on how to test voltage to avoid potential damage to valuable equipment and how to service or change a faulty crossfader in case of an emergency.

DJUGA holds workshop for members

A corporate sales executive at Axis Pension Trust, Pamela Anyagre, spoke about the need to take contribution towards their pension seriously, citing a number of instances where a pension fund could make life easier for professionals in the DJ sector.

DJUGA holds workshop for members

In his address, the founder of the Union, Merqury Quaye, stressed that the Union is keen on enhancing the capacities of its members to ensure that they are able to exploit their talents as DJs for their benefit.

He also announced that the union’s official website was accessible online and got members abreast with the functions of the platform.

DJUGA holds workshop for members

A member of the Union, Richmond Tema Fadda spoke about the benefits of DJUGA membership and encouraged all DJs who are not register yet to do so to access the benefits the union presents.

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