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Ussher Fort Slavery Museum reopens to boost tourism



The Ghana Museums and Monument Board in collaboration with UNESCO and the Netherlands officially reopened the Ussher Fort which was closed to the public 7 years ago.

As part of efforts of making Ghana the hub of tourism in Africa, some various project have been put in place including the re-opening of a fort which is rich in history.

According to the Ghana Museum Board; “It also has tourism implications for this country. We are engaged in tourism we are aspiring to be a tourism destination so you put together your elements you put together your infrastructure and you make them world class.”

“So they will attract people to come over so apart from the history apart from the heritage we also talk about the economics and that is what it is.”

According to a representative of UNESCO Diallo Abdourahman, Ghana has very unique spots with amazing history that must be properly promoted.

The Dutch Ambassador to Ghana also shared his thoughts on the need to preserve the edifice.

Speaking to JoyNews, Ron Strikker said “If we stand here now, we can only abhor what happened and we can only look at it with repentance and regret to that period.”

“Because we are very much aware of the fact that with the slave trade and slavery caused so much pain and misery and also indignity were inflicted on Africans, and particularly in this place west Africans and we should not forget that and we should commemorate that also to create a better future,” he added.


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