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Boys who usually break hearts wear neatly ironed ‘kaftan’ – Digital Marketing Strategist


A Digital Marketing Strategist, Esinam Batali, has cautioned females to beware of the kind of men they either have relationships or transact business with.

Speaking on the topic, “Falling in Love; Character or Looks”, on Joy FM’s Strong and Sassy, she advised her fellow females not to only fall for the outward appearance of the opposite sex.

For her, men who often appear in neatly ironed ‘kaftan’ are notorious for breaking their partners’ hearts.

“Those who come into your life to break your heart have this outward brand. Their starter pack includes a neatly ironed kaftan. You know, with the lines showing and clean. Usually in grey or wine.

“They also wear these cute slippers and sandals, and they are holding a small wallet and maybe iPhone X and above or Samsung Galaxy X20 and above is all part of the branding,” she told host Eyram Yehouessi.

According to her, although they may seem to be the “suitable” man to date or engage in business with, it is just a sham.

“When they appear before you, you may think these are the people worth doing business with, and most of them are entrepreneurs; they are the fraud boys, they will break your heart. Ladies and gentlemen, [if you see them] flee,” she said.

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