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Message from the Morning Man: The Three-Legged Pig


Two days ago, on the Super Morning Show, we talked about gratitude. I like to think of gratitude as our small token towards the unaffordable bill that comes with life’s many blessings. A couple of weeks ago, someone important blessed me with an opportunity. A chance to right a wrong.

I remember I was so grateful for this opportunity that, in addition to saying thank you, I felt I must also show my gratitude by doing something amazing with this opportunity. Sometimes, our thanks must not only be verbal, it must be monumental. It must make those who bless us feel glad that they chose us and nobody else as the beneficiary of their kindness.

There is a young man in Cape Coast who rings me every Monday to thank me for something I did for him ifive years ago. Something very small o! For half a decade, he has rang me every Monday without fail. Every time I see his name come up on my phone, I feel so proud, so vindicated for choosing to help him when others had let him down. It makes me want to find someone else to help. You know?

This is an important by-product of gratitude. It motivates people to show more kindness. So never take for granted the power of your thanks.

But we must also look at the other side of the coin, and you know I take every opportunity to tell you a story, so permit me to share a quick one.

A man went to visit his brother and his family on their farm. When they took him on  tour, he noticed a pig walking around with a wooden leg. Naturally, he was curious, so he asked his brother what happened.

“Oh this pig? I tell you, this is the best pig in the world. Can you believe the farmhouse was on fire one night, and this pig ran into the flames and pulled my unconscious wife out to safety?”

The farmer’s brother was impressed. “Wow. that’s truly a great pig. But why does he have a wooden leg?”

The farmer went over and affectionately rubbed the pig’s snout. “Well, this pig is no ordinary pig,” he said. “Last year, an armed robber came to the house while we were sleeping. This pig snuck in behind him, knocked him over the head with a rolling pin, tied him up and called the police!”

“My goodness, what a remarkable pig!” his brother enthused. “But seriously bro, you still haven’t told me why the pig has a wooden leg”.

The farmer smiled. “Oh, but you paa. After all he has done for us, you don’t expect us to eat it all at once”.

My people, just as gratitude can boost the soul, ingratitude can kill the spirit. For those of us who have been blessed by people’s kindness, we have a responsibility to make the most of the blessed opportunities that we are given. We do not take it for granted that you tune in to our show ever morning. I know you have options, but you choose us, and that means everything That is why, to show our gratitude, we will go to the ends of the earth to bring you the absolute best show on radio five days a week for as long as God permits us.

When someone gives you a chance, thank them, but make the most of that chance, and your effort will be a monument of encouragement for them to bless others the way they blessed you. When someone gives you a SECOND chance, make your monument twice as huge. Let your blessing be a blessing unto others. 

My name is Kojo Yankson, and just as my life is a monument to God, my work is a monument to you.


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