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Ghanaian Media Is Dumb For Thinking My Daughters Don’t Act Ghanaian – Stephanie Benson Lashes Out At Bloggers



Stephanie Benson is not your typical Ghanaian woman and neither are her daughters. The proud mama recently posted pictures of her daughters with their partners. This generated some questions as to why not a single one of Stephanie’s daughters managed to find a cool Ghanaian gentleman to settle down with.

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 She went ahead to give a very unsatisfactory excuse as to why her daughters were hooked up with foreigners. According to her, all of her daughters are just too tall and the men they met in Ghana were below 5’7 which disqualified them.  

Well, we all accepted it, but it turns out the Queen of Jazz was not impressed with the media reportage following her disclosure. According to her, way too many people ask her why her children don’t act Ghanaian and this question seems to grind her gears. This is because in her opinion a simple Google search would show you that one of her daughters, Alexandria has been representing Ghana in her own small way for years now.

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She took to her Instagram to address this while taking jabs at Ghanaian media for being too dumb to Google.

She wrote: “Question – “why aren’t your children more Ghanaian.” Answer …. Pls Google my daughter Alexandra @stooshe reads Ghanaian/British band. Listen to her interviews. She’s so very proud to be Ghanaian and undeniably represented Ghana from a Young age of 21 in A BIG WAY more than I ever did. It’s not my fault your GHmedia played dumb and I really didn’t care enough to get the GHmedia to do their homework or even push it down their throat. 🤣. Either way she was already a Success. All my Children AS AM I are proud to be Ghanaians irrespective. Watch some of their hits with @warnerbrosuk #pride”.

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