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Leave Martha Bissah alone – Concerned GAA Members


Some concerned members of the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) have warned the executive members of the Ghana Athletics Association to lift the ban on Martha Bissah.

According to them, there is no rule in the constitution that warrants a ban of that magnitude to the former youth Olympic gold medalist for 6 years.

Princeworth KD Anane-Asare, who is also a representative of the Ghana Technical Universities Sports Association (GHATUSA), spoke on behalf of the concerned members in a press conference on Tuesday, July 21.

“There is nowhere in the constitution that shows Martha should’ve been banned”, he said.

“The whole thing started when His excellency the former president John Mahama handed a brown envelope to Martha. In the process of doing that, Doodo collected it and dropped it, the video is there, after the whole thing the mother asked Martha, where is the money? Because the mother and father were presented. Where is the money? He said he hasn’t got it. Then he asked the coach, Isaac Lamptey, were is the money? Coach Lamptey also says, I don’t have it so the mother herself went inside there and confronted Akpokavi and collected that money and came out, and that was it.”

He continued that, all allegations levelled against the 23-year-old are false and untrue.

“Others I don’t want to accuse but the truth of the matter is that there is nothing that Martha has done. They are saying Martha should apologize , Martha should do this, Martha refuse scholarship, Martha did that. They are all not true I’m telling you. They are not true, if they are true, let them come out with their facts, that’s all we’re saying. They should leave Martha alone.”

He ended by saying that, had the GAA left Martha alone, they would’ve gained a good image because Martha would’ve won another gold in this year’s Olympics.

“Martha should’ve been in the Olympics by now and maybe God willing we would’ve gotten another gold and this is the smart thing that they did not observe. It would’ve brought reputation to GAA for coaching this girl but they didn’t do that. Instead, envy and all these things are happening it’s so sad.

Bissah is Ghana’a only athlete who won gold at the girls’ 800m race at the Youth Olympic Game in 2014 but has since been suspended indefinitely by the GAA headed by Professor Francis Dodoo in 2016 for indiscipline and peddling lies against the GAA.

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