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Don’t Forget I’m A Man! – James Brown The Princess Of Africa Finally Faces Reality


Nigerian crossdresser and dancer James Obialor popularly known as James Brown AKA “They Didn’t Caught Me” has claimed the title Princess of Africa and has been trying to act accordingly.

James Brown became popular when he was arrested by the Nigerian police for allegedly getting caught in bed with another man, a fact he vehemently denied. The police however claimed that he was arrested because he was spotted trying to recruit new members into his gang of homos*xuals.

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The Princess of Africa came out victorious in that case and has since almost metamorphosed into a woman before our eyes. James has garnered a lot of attention on social media with his unapologetic fierceness albeit seemingly forced at times.

Since he has branded himself as a woman, a princess no less, there are some who have come to recognize him as such and hence become confused when he makes a video of himself in a bikini for instance and there is glaring evidence of his manhood.

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According to James Brown, it is very annoying for people to ask him to tuck his “banana” in when they know full well he is actually a man.

He accused people who send him private messages telling him to hide his dangling ding dong of crossing their boundaries. He said despite the fact that he looks so snatched and s*xy, he’s still a man and therefore should be cut some slack.

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The Princess of Africa proceeded to expose us to his flat chest to prove he’s actually a man because some of us were really beginning to wonder.

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