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Sharon Okine Makes History As Africa’s 1st Award Winning Female Fashion Photographer


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Sharon Okine is the innovative retoucher extrodinaire behind the Sharon O Photpgraphy brand. The impact of her work alone has created many model careers in the city of Accra. Her dedication and passion to fashion photography is extrodinary, and it is fair to say she produces more fashion editorials that her photography counter parts, whom at times are involved in other photography projects.

Sharon Okine’s Sacrifice

Sharon Okine left her well paid corporate job working at the 02 Lounge as their official manager. But after some years in the process, she could no longer contain her desire for travelling and taking pictures. She then quit her corporate job and began making arrangements in the mid 2010s.

Sharon Trained Under Duque & Youtube

She made efforts to intern for various photographers, however she was constantly being neglected, until she met one of the country top most photography talents by the name of Duque. Although he decided to charge her, it was her relief to connect with someone who didn’t neglect her.

From there on she embarked on her photography journey under his training and also by doing extensive research on youtube. She was first nominated for the FashionGHANA Honors & Awards in 2019, where she was recognised amongst the top 7 photographers in the country as a nominee. However, TwinsDntBeg left with the award that night.

Sharon Wins Our Prestigious #fGHA2021 Award

Sfter years of pushing Sharon did not only excel beyond the celebrity twin photographers, she also did so beyond her mentor with extensive public support and votes and scooped the award at the best Fashion photographer for the FashionGHANA Honors & Awards 2021.

Historical Mark In Africa

Sharon eye captivating work has placed her as the nations best fashion photographer in 2021, however it has also added a historical mark in African history in the ever changing continent. When we talk award winning female photographers, the list goes on from Corinne Day, to Deborah Turbeville, Ellen Von Unwerth, Eve Arnold, Frances Mclaughlin-gill, Lee Miller, Lillian Bassman, Louise Dahl-Wolfe and much more. However to date, Sharon Okine stands as the only female to win an award for fashion photography in Africa and her stunning work below shows just why.

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