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Stop the Nhwehwenimu Charity – Diamond Appiah Blasts Nana Akua Addo with More Shocking Revelations


Late yesterday and today saw social in a frenzy as there were leaked conversations between Moesha’s P.A and Salma Mumin whom she has a long-standing beef with. 

The conversation contained information leaked by Moesha’s P.A Nelson, to Salma Mumin about Moesha’s private life from which people she is dating to which pastor is defrauding her and her exposure to narcotics. He further explained the reason she is going through these rough times. 

Celebrities chimed in on the conversation and gave their take on it. Some too showed aggravation and one of such people is Diamond Appiah who chose to bash Nana Akua Addo. 

She uploaded a photo that read “The most dangerous creature on this earth is a fake friend” and went in on Nana Akua Addo in the caption. She started off by telling Nana Akua to stop the pretence putting the blame on Nelson. 

She revealed that when they went to her house, Nelson was not there and so all information they discussed in private about helping Moesha came out to the public with a ghost blogger they all hate with a passion apart from her. 

She also mentioned how they spoke privately about a certain blogger but an hour later, the blogger was throwing subs at them concerning the situation. 

She accused Nana Akua of not being loyal and not supporting Moesha genuinely. She said not everyone will support her in public for praise like the nhwehwenim charity. She further warned her not to push her to talk or else….

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