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Influencer Gets Over 100 Comments After Criticising ‘Our Day’ But Only 3 Comments After Sharing Post of Children in Need of Funds for Surgery



The fascination of Ghanaians with complete nonsense and rejection of important issues has been brilliantly exposed.

A social media influencer posted two tweets, one on the Oswald situation, which is a relatively useless but trending story, and a story of kids who needed funds for surgery.

You can imagine which one Ghanaians reacted to most!

Of course Ghanaians reacted in their numbers to his tweet on Oswald whilst ignoring completely what he said on the kids needing help.

Since Oswald the ‘Our Day’ boy trended on Friday, some Ghanaians have been complaining about the unnecessary attention being paid to him and the overpouring of gifts he’s receiving.

For those unfamiliar with the story, Oswald wrote a letter to his mother requesting for her to buy some items for him for ‘Our Day’.

A colleague of his mother posted the letter online and it quickly went viral.

Over 50 companies and brands then started donating items to the boy, his school and his teachers to help the ‘Our Day’ celebration.

At a point the donations became excessive, leading to some Ghanaians to start complaining about why a student in a private school in Accra is receiving all these donations.

Social media users pointed out there are kids who are far less privileged than this Oswald boy but because they have no attention associated with them, no brand is helping them out.

One influencer made a similar point on Twitter but was met with insuts by Ghanaians.

Check what he wrote below…

That tweet as you can see garnered over 138 replies, most of which were people either attacking him for being jealous of Oswald or calling him a hypocrite for not posting any kids to receive help.

He followed p that tweet by posting about a couple of kids who actually need help for surgeries.

That tweet received far less engagement and at the time of writing had about 3 replies – all of which were still hitting out at him!


Social media was perfectly proving his point without even realising it.

There is something wrong with how we prioritise issues in this country!

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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