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Covid-19 Delta Variant: Let’s step up public disinfection, fumigation – Dansworld CEO


Mr Bernad D. Ntow

The Delta variant of the Covid-19 has resulted in a rapid rise in the total number of cases in Ghana.

In assessing what can be done to curtail the increase in cases, the Chief Executive of Dansworld Services Limited, Mr. Bernard Danso Ntow believes public disinfection and fumigation must be stepped up.

He made the call in a stakeholder meeting to discuss what environmental management companies like the one he heads can do to decrease the current rise in the Covid-19 positive cases.

In underscoring the need for the country to step up its activities in the management of the new strain, he averred that, “We have been living with Covid-19 for close to 18 months now and the virus keeps evolving. Hence, we mustn’t relent on the various actions we can do to protect ourselves. Let’s step up public disinfection and fumigation. It worked previously in helping bring the cases down”.

Covid-19 Delta Variant: Let’s step up public disinfection, fumigation – Dansworld CEO

This new emerging strain of the virus, the Delta variant has taken the world in a manner many didn’t anticipate, considering the positive cases had been on a decline.

New data around the world suggests that people infected with the Delta variant are experiencing symptoms quite different from those commonly associated with Covid-19. In fact, data gathered from the World Health Organisation suggest that, the new strain is more infectious and more transmissible.

“Considering that people infected with the delta tend to infect more of their households based on statistics, it is important that public disinfection and fumigation are done consistently to kill any viruses on public surfaces”, Mr. Danso Ntow indicated.

The top five symptoms of the Delta strain of Covid-19 is intense headache, sore throat, runny nose, fever and persistent cough. 

Mr. Bernard Danso Ntow of Dansworld Limited also added that, data available indicates that, in contrast, cough and loss of taste are not as common with the delta strain. Hence, as many people as possible may be having the delta strain and visiting various public places infecting the surfaces of items unknowingly.

Dansworld Company Limited was tasked with the 1st and 2nd phase of the Volta Region’s national disinfection, fumigation and cleaning of markets, lorry parks and public places.

The company has also undertaken various fumigation exercises at places such as the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited, Nsawam Prisons, schools and various churches etc.

Dansworld International Services Limited (DISL) is an environmental management company specializing in Facility management services, fumigation, cleaning etc.

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