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‘I’m retired but if I get a radio job offer, why not’ – Tommy Annan Forson


Ace broadcaster, Tommy Annan Forson Ace broadcaster, Tommy Annan Forson

Ace broadcaster Tommy Annan Forson has said despite being on retirement, he will not turn down any offer to get back on radio.

Mr Forson noted that going back on air would not be about money but passion for the job and his desire to educate the listener and the public.

Speaking on the Class Morning Show (CMS) on Monday, 9 August 2021, the multiple award-winning broadcaster reiterated that he is passionate about radio and broadcasting.

He told show host Kofi Oppong Asamoah that: “If I get [poached] right now, I’ll go [despite retirement]. It’s not for the money itself, I’ve always been passionate about broadcasting, especially when I started winning awards”.

“I have 26 awards to my name, a national award, two lifetime achievement awards and other awards given to me by different companies here and there, so, it’s not the money per se, even though they say, ‘yes, money answereth all things’, Mr it’s not the money per se, it’s the fact that people can still learn from me in the areas of broadcasting, the areas of reflections, maybe how I read, how I talk, how I communicate with people”, Mr Forson said.

“I like to touch people’s hearts, minds and soul”, Mr Annan Forson stated, adding, once a broadcaster, always a broadcaster, so, I’ll still will love to communicate with people, give people advise, let them laugh, let them cry, let them enjoy themselves; that’s my passion, so, yes, if I get an offer why not?”

Known as the ‘King of Country Music’ and ‘The God Father of Radio’, Mr Forson began his broadcasting journey in 1977 as a Programme Assistant at Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC).

In 1995, he joined the Multimedia Group as the Programmes Director.

He also worked with Sunshine Radio (which was later transformed to Choice FM and now Kasapa FM) as General Manager.

Mr Forson also served as the General Manager of Radio XYZ.

He was also recently the director of radio and host of Country Express at Max FM.

Mr Forson advised radio presenters, especially morning show hosts, to focus their energies on dealing with social issues rather than politics.

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