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Over 2,743 persons arrested between January and July for violating road traffic offences – Supt. Alexander Obeng


The Head of Education, Research and Training at the Ghana Police Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate (MTTD), Superintendent Alexander Obeng

Head of Education, Research and Training at the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service, Superintendent Alexander Obeng says his outfit arrested over 2,743 Ghanaians for violating road traffic offences.

The arrests, he said took place between January and July this year.

Speaking on PM Express on Monday, Superintendent Alexander Obeng stated that some road traffic offences included excessive speeding, overloading, riding of motorcycles without protective equipment among others.

“Between January and July this year, indicators are clear that there has been a consistent increase in our efforts in deterrent. By way of arresting those offenders which otherwise would have led to even more crashes (through) excessive speeding behaviours, overloading, drunk driving, people who were using substandard tyres, incompetent or untrained, unlicensed persons, and people who were using rickety and unsafe vehicles, those who were riding motorcycles without wearing any protective clothing, many who were not on seat belts and those who had left their vehicles in dangerous positions serving as traps – the process led us to arrest over 2,743 for court,” he said.

He told host, Aisha Ibrahim, that 2,317 culprits out of the total arrested have so far been convicted.

Superintendent Alexander Obeng further mentioned that there has been a 20 per cent increase in convicted persons in comparison with data gathered last year.

“If you compare 2,317 convicted to the numbers last year, you observe that there has been almost 20 per cent increase. Last year by now, 1070 had been convicted and out of this, 11 are in jail and over GH₵1,200,000 have been imposed as court fines,” he disclosed.

According to the superintendent, his outfit is determined to intensify its work to nip road accidents in the bud.

Road accident is one of the many problems the country is working to resolve. The statistics on the issue are staggering.

The latest data from the Motor Traffic and Transport Directorate (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service, indicates that as many as 256 people died from road crashes in July this year alone.

Cumulatively, 1,706 have lost their lives due to road carnage.

In a hotline documentary dubbed “Crushed Young” by JoyNews‘ Seth Kwame Boateng, the devastating effects of road carnages are narrowed down to 13-year-old Moses, who has already undergone eight surgeries and has two more scheduled and a 6-year-old who was knocked down after being driven from school by a teacher to go home and return with his feeding fee of GH¢3.

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