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CDD conducted propaganda survey that Nana Addo can’t fight corruption – Mac Manu


The CDD reported that only a few Ghanaians are optimistic about the government’s ability to fight corruption.

Details of the report also indicated that 53%of Ghanaians are not confident that the government can protect the country’s financial resources by promoting accountability in public service.

The report at the same time stated that although Ghanaians are doubtful of the president’s commitment to corruption, there is mixed belief in the government’s ability to fulfill some of the 2020 manifesto promises of the NPP.

“Fewer than half of Ghanaians are optimistic that, in the next four years, the Akufo-Addo NPP-led government will perform “much better or better” in addressing educational needs(45%), providing a reliable supply of electricity (44%), maintaining roads and bridges (44%), and providing water and sanitation services (43%). Only one-third (35%) are optimistic about the government’s ability to reduce crime,” portions of the CDD report read.

But Peter Mac Manu disagreed and said “The pre-election survey had I think 55 percent of Ghanaians saying that the government was on track in attacking corruption, that’s why I was asking Dr. Selormey, in this one, they are saying there are three issues, and then the green was 39 or 30 and ‘same’ was 27.”

In an interview on Accra-based Joy FM, he said: “So, I asked her what is the meaning of ‘same’? Was it in the ‘same’ that people thought that we are on the same track of attacking corruption? And if you add the yellow to it, then we are way above fifty-something. So, they should have explained to us the meaning of the ash colour which they noted as ‘same’.

“If you look at the hullabaloo people are talking about you will be amazed. I mean look at what people are saying, it means that there is so much propaganda than the actual work that is going on. That’s the way that I see it from the result and we must look at actuals than propaganda.”

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