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Confessions of the Brain: Singer talks career after school


Confessions is one of his latest works, in it, Skye Brain woos his lady by assuring her he is the one for her and that he will go miles to ensure her perpetual delight.

With pure Afro-fusion beats and riveting tempo, he confesses undying love to the mystery lady and tells her “I be the right man for you babe, make I show you something.”

He also asks her to reciprocate his feelings since he is ready to give everything for them. “…babe so show me your love,” he sings.

Like many of his songs, Skye Brain tells me Confessions is not a work of fiction—and although the Ho Technical University (HTU) graduate would not go into details of his love life, he says the lyrics were inspired by an experience in the not-too-distant past.

For both artiste and followers, Confessions, with its captivating lines and signature diction that the singer is known for, came at a perfect time on its April 12, 2021 release date.

It has been almost two years since Skye Brain released a track and so the fan base was thirsty for some action, after-all, what is a soldier without regular battles?

What kept him too busy that it should take two years to release a new track? School!

Countless creative artistes and sportsmen faced the dilemma of quitting school to pursue their craft while their prime lasted. A few decided in the affirmative and yet others chose to get that degree first.

Confessions of the Brain: Singer talks career after school

Meeting up with Skye Brain on the lawns of HTU on one of the lovers’ bench on a wet Saturday mid-August, the singer, born Richard Adukpo, tells me he was faced with this tough decision a couple of years ago.

Balancing school and an active music career was draining him and he had to make a choice; focus on music and abandon his IT programme at the university or put the career on hold while he was yet to peak.

Richard tells me he opted for the latter—that is to complete his three year IT programme at the university before returning to the studios, owing for his two-year dry patch.

Q: So now that the course is over, I’m sure you’re about to take the region and Ghana by storm, aren’t you?
A: Hopefully, yes. I’ve a couple of works lined up for the coming weeks.
Q: I know you did some R&B works, should we expect more?
A: No, for now, I’m focusing on Afro-fusion; Tekno Miles, Kizz Daniel and a couple of other singers are doing some inspiring work there and I want to contribute to the genre.
That’s good to hear, I hope to keep in touch and learn when you release them.

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