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NPP will defend Nana Addo’s luxurious VIP jet trips even if he commits genocide – Kwakye Ofosu


He said “The current practice is that the Ministry of Finance releases quarterly funds to the Heads of Department, in this case, Office of Government Machinery, Chief of Staff for all the operational activities of the office.

“To facilitate the safe coordination of the President’s travels, domestic and foreign, the Office of Government Machinery and the National Security Secretariat work together to achieve this.

“Mr. Speaker, the President’s domestic and international travels are matters to do with National Security. The National Security Minister is best placed to furnish this Honourable House with the details needed.”

Felix Kwakye Ofosu adding his voice to the trips by the President criticised him for what he claims is the obstinacy and disrespect shown by the President in the dissipation of scarce resources in the continuous rental of luxurious jets at a time the country has an equally luxurious and fully functional Presidential jet.

He also accused the President of deliberately refusing to answer questions relating to the cost of renting the presidential jets.

In a Facebook post, he said “The Finance Minister’s claim that the matter rests in the bosom of National Security was a complete lie and ruse to evade the question.

“It is the Presidency that handles matters of Presidential travel and the money was paid from their budgetary allocation. National Security has nothing to do with it. The Finance Minister knows this. He is in a position to disclose the figures but simply refused to do so because he placed the protection of his cousin, the President, from public scrutiny above the need for accountability.

“As for the NPP minions defending this, they would defend Akufo-Addo even if he committed genocide so disregard them if you are a genuinely concerned Ghanaian who cares about how your taxes are used and demand answers for why this Akufo-Addo/Bawumia has decided to launch this attack on the public purse.”

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