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A man who loves you will not make you a baby mama – Miss Tourism Universe Ghana


Entertainment of Sunday, 3 October 2021

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She made these revelations whiles speaking on eTV's Girl Vibes show She made these revelations whiles speaking on eTV’s Girl Vibes show

Reigning Miss Tourism Universe Ghana, Priscilla Bossman-Pinkrah, has emphasized that a lot of ladies are in relationships with themselves.

She explained that most of them might think they are in a relationship with a guy but to him, “you both are not dating. He is not into you as much as you are into him.”

She referred to such ladies as being in a one-sided relationship because “All the love and everything needed in a relationship are expected to come from you.”

Speaking to Mercy Bee the Ekumfi Princess on e.TV Ghana’s Girl Vibes Show, she said, “Most at times these ladies end up getting frustrated and decide to pin the men down with a child. This does not always work out for them and they end up becoming baby mamas.”

Priscilla noted that if a man really loves a woman, he would not put her through the stress of getting her pregnant and making her a baby mama. “He will rather do the right thing by marrying her and not make the woman his baby mama.”

She advised women not to put themselves in such situations because “Guys know whom they want to get married to. You do not have to give him a baby before he puts a ring on your finger.”

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