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2face Idibia threatens Brymo with a defamation suit


2Face Idibia has threatened to file a defamation suit against fellow singer Brymo over his recent tweets.

Brymo, on Monday night, alleged in a series of tweets that 2face had accused him of sleeping with his wife.

The “Ara” singer also added that the music icon sent thugs to assault him physically.

Days after his claims, Brymo, on Thursday, revealed that he had received a letter from the lawyers of 2face. He shared a picture of the letter on his Twitter page.

According to the letter, 2face’s lawyers said that Brymo’s “baseless and false allegations have caused unspeakable distress” to the singer and his family.

The letter added, “you have also caused our client’s estimation to be lowered in the estimation of his friends, business associates and wider members of the public and further caused him a significant loss of business.”

“Our Client will give you the benefit of a doubt; perhaps you were inspired to spew such nonsense after one of such self-confessed episodes of “spending days getting high and philandering.”

2face Idibia threatens Brymo with a defamation suit

Brymo has been given 48 hours to tender an unreserved apology to 2Face Idibia and his family.

“We demand that, within 48 hours of receipt of this letter, you withdraw your statements and publish on your entire social media accounts an unreserved apology to our Client and his wife.”

“Should you fail or refuse to meet our demands, we shall perfect our Client’s instructions to pursue redress by seeking no less than One Billion Naira in damages against you in court.”

Brymo, however, insists that his claims are true.

“I’ll advise they go on to the court, as I insist on all my tweets asserted… they are not “nonsense,” he wrote in response to the letter on his Twitter page.

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