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Gospel artistes are not supported as expected – Siisi Baidoo


Entertainment of Friday, 8 October 2021

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Gospel singer Siisi Baidoo Gospel singer Siisi Baidoo

Ghanaian gospel singer Siisi Baidoo says gospel artistes do not gain enough support as expected. And this makes it difficult for them to push one another to enhance growth in the musical terrain.

Indicating the move needed to push the Ghanaian gospel music, the worshipper stated that they need to establish to help gospel artistes drive one another.

“For me, I think there has been a lot of pace-setting from those who have left. We need to form a united front and push ourselves.

“Support and unity are what really pushes people when it comes to ministering. We just really have to push ourselves,” he added.

Speaking with Johnnie Hughes on the Entertainment Segment of TV3 New Day, the ‘Onyame Tumfo’ hitmaker added that churches should also support gospel artistes.

He, however, advised gospel artistes not to act responsibly when they gain such support and opportunities.

“We should get a lot of support from ourselves and from the churches to push us. When given the opportunity to be pushed, we should be responsible enough and handle it properly.”

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